Chatham helps clients with unique currency and interest rate risk management needs, such as accessing hedging even in illiquid frontier market currencies, or through assessing, monitoring, and managing unhedged investments. Chatham has deep technical expertise in local currency investments in emerging and frontier markets.
Chatham’s history in the microfinance sector dates back to the early 2000’s, which led to the formation of a team specifically foccused on inclusive finance in 2008. This team provides a broad range of advisory services to Microfinance, SME, and other impact-oriented sectors and has grown to become the industry’s leading risk management advisor.

Chatham has executed hedging transactions in over 50 currencies globally. We have investigated, analyzed and provided indications for clients considering investments in over 30 other currencies. Our broad market expertise helps Chatham to identify and evaluate the available alternatives in any situation.

Since 2008, Chatham has provided services to more than 20 inclusive finance sector clients, ranging from microfinance investment funds and development finance institutions to microfinance institutions and networks.

We provide two main areas of service: transaction management, including structuring, pricing, execution, and valuations; and customized currency risk management, including risk exposure analysis through modeling and policy development.

Our more than 20 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate capital markets, makes us keenly attuned to the unique nature of real estate funds, the sheer number of transactions, and the reality that most funds have very lean operations.
Whether it is pricing transparency and efficient market execution, our holistic strategic thinking surrounds portfolio and transactional risk. We also ease the administrative burdens associated with hedging and regulatory compliance. Real estate fund managers value our ability to partner with them in areas in which they need support.
We don’t think strictly in terms of hedging products, but rather seek to understand investment goals and offer relevant solutions. Our success-based fee structure is tied to deal execution, so that you are spared dead deal costs and watching the clock. Through this partnership we not only understand the nuances surrounding a particular deal, but also how it could impact your portfolio from a holistic risk management perspective.
As your portfolio and business grow, Chatham can meet any new or ongoing accounting, reporting, regulatory or valuation needs for debt or derivatives.

As a partner to financial sponsors, Chatham is often enlisted to work directly with in-house treasurers and CFOs. We have worked with hundreds of companies that need help with their hedge accounting program or an analysis of their current and future exposures.

We can augment in-house resources of the organization with our team of hedge accounting practitioners or assure the timely and accurate execution of monthly journal entries, effectiveness testing, valuations and reporting. In all cases, we work with your team to provide the continuity, consistency and timely information your stakeholders demand.

Chatham works with financial sponsors at many of the largest firms globally. Our spectrum of deals over the years gives us a rare perspective on how to add value to maximize their investment goals. Chatham’s holistic strategies reflect a deep currency, rate and hedge accounting expertise and allow us to devise optimal economic and accounting hedging options, pricing transparency and efficient market execution. We also relieve the administrative burdens associated with hedging, hedge accounting or regulatory compliance. With offices around the world, we can support our clients 24/7 and give clients the benefit of our global perspective on world markets. Our success-based fee structure is tied to deal execution, eliminating dead deal or additional out of pocket costs. Even after a deal is concluded, we often partner with the portfolio company team to offset any ongoing hedging or regulatory burdens, as well as provide proper hedge accounting through our services or technology solutions. We also help ensure that EBITDA is maximized and future risks mitigated.