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Yield Maintenance Calculator

Please use Chatham’s calculator to estimate your prepayment costs. The yield maintenance calculator is optimized for loans with monthly payments. For quarterly or semi-annual payments, or unusual structures, please contact us.

Our yield maintenance team

  • Joe Nowicki

    Managing Director
    Business Development

    Real Estate | Kennett Square, PA

  • Rae Phelps

    Defeasance and Prepayment

    Real Estate | Denver, CO

  • Ken Richer

    Business Development

    Real Estate | Denver, CO

Contact our yield maintenance experts

Learn how Chatham can help you make the right defeasance and prepayment decisions.

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Defeasance & Prepayment

Learn how we help real estate firms make informed defeasance and prepayment decisions.

Defeasance Calculator

Get an estimated defeasance cost in minutes with Chatham's free and confidential defeasance calculator – no email address required.