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Capitalize on changing market conditions using derivatives that enable new investment strategies.

How we help insurance companies

Protect the success of your investments by mitigating market risk through hedging strategies backed by our implementation, hedge accounting, and compliance services.

  • Expand investments. Take advantage of new investment opportunities and reduce the time to market.

  • Manage risk. Develop hedging strategies that reduce market risk and meet operational, accounting, and economic objectives.

  • Improve processes. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness within your derivatives operations.

  • Be confident. Access best-in-class strategic advice and stay on top of changing market dynamics.

Core solutions for insurance

  • Risk analysis

  • Hedge execution

  • Operations management

  • Hedge accounting

  • Collateral management

  • Technology solutions

The Chatham advantage for insurance

As insurance companies seek to increase their investment returns by expanding their investment alternatives, the need to understand and mitigate risk increases. Chatham has the expertise, experience, and technology you need to use derivatives to take advantage of new opportunities while managing risk.

Our experts can help you address the most challenging operational issues in running a robust and high-volume derivatives program, with expertise that spans all key asset classes and derivative types. We can help you improve your front, middle, and back office derivatives operations by bringing efficiency gains and improved controls. We’ll partner with you to achieve better financial reporting outcomes by establishing strategies to apply hedge accounting, and by implementing technology to operationalize hedging programs.

Our insurance team

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Discover why more than 3,500 clients worldwide count on Chatham to understand and manage their financial risk.

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Discover how we effectively manage and mitigate financial risk with advisory, process, and technology.