The problem: an overburdened CFO

The CFO’s job is overwhelming. They are constantly pulled in multiple directions, and often the financial institution’s (FI) investment portfolio falls to the wayside. They are concerned about the intentions and reliability of their bond salesman, and could find it challenging to ask for outside help.

This leaves you wondering if your investment portfolio is performing (or underperforming), and whether or not your people resources are allocated appropriately. What do you do?

The solution: Chatham Investment Advisors

Choosing a partner for your FI’s investment advisory starts with one key factor: a foundation of trust. As an independent advisor to over 160 community and regional FIs, Chatham Financial has established long-term, trusted relationships with its partners throughout the industry. Members of the Chatham team have sat in treasury roles at community banks, and know what it takes to manage a successful investment portfolio.

What sets Chatham apart?

  • Independent advisors: Unlike broker-dealers that earn a markup on each transaction, Chatham provides this service for a fully-disclosed fee, remaining completely objective and ready to execute in the FI’s best interest.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Overall assessment of the FI’s balance sheet includes understanding and consideration of the FI’s interest rate risk, liquidity risk, capital risk and budget/forecast. Chatham provides recommendations spanning from the entire investment portfolio structure down to individual securities.
  • Team approach: Chatham’s Financial Institutions team is comprised of more than 45 professionals with a diverse mix of experience and skillset. No matter your need, Chatham has the resources and expertise available to assist.

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