VirtualTreasurer – the ideal solution for the busy CFO

Chances are, the CFO of a community or small regional bank also performs the duties typically handled by the Treasurer of a larger bank. Thanks to Chatham, the over-burdened CFO can outsource their excess workload to one of our trusted investment advisors.

As the CFO’s VirtualTreasurer, Chatham provides objective, detailed, and comprehensive analyses and recommendations concerning your investment portfolio structure and individual securities in the portfolio. Your VirtualTreasurer will execute directly with broker-dealers that you select, which frees your CFO to focus on more strategic issues.

Benefits of VirtualTreasurer

  • Independent Advisors: Unlike broker-dealers that earn a markup on each transaction, Chatham provides this service for a fully-disclosed fee. We are completely objective and ready to execute only when it’s in the bank’s best interest.
  • Non-discretionary Transactions: Our advisors execute only upon bank approval. The bank remains in control of the process and investment strategy at all times.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Our overall assessment of the bank’s balance sheet includes understanding and consideration of the bank’s interest rate risk, liquidity risk, capital risk, and budget/forecast.

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