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This is an image of a woman looking at two monitors using Chatham's technology platform ChathamDirect.

Our Technology

Access powerful technology to expertly handle critical aspects of your organization’s hedging program.

Our technology for

Our purpose-built hedging technology platform for financial institutions enables you to make more informed decisions with transparent pricing while streamlining trade management and reporting.

  • Identify opportunities. Manage your pipeline of deals and hedging structures.

  • Build relationships. Focus energy on strategic conversations backed by transparent live pricing.

  • Maximize convenience. Access one source for execution, valuations, compliance, and more.

  • Boost efficiency. Minimize the time needed to service a book of trades and manage risk.

A modern, scalable, secure cloud platform

Get efficient structuring, origination, and servicing for your entire derivatives program, backed by our market-leading processes, controls, and built-in Dodd-Frank compliance.

Market-savvy, independent advisors

Access our team of experts, who are all focused on hedging for financial institutions, offering strategic advice, clear explanations, and answers to your urgent questions.

Our team

  • Ben Lewis

    Managing Director
    Head of Sales

    Financial Institutions | Denver, CO

  • Bob Newman

    Managing Director

    Financial Institutions | Kennett Square, PA

  • David Sweeney

    Managing Director

    Financial Institutions | Kennett Square, PA

  • Matthew Tevis

    Managing Partner, Board Member
    Global Head of Financial Institutions

    Kennett Square, PA

Our financial institution clients

We partner with banks and credit unions across the country to manage their financial risk.

We’d like to hear from you

Contact us to learn more about how Chatham’s technology can help you manage financial risk.

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Financial Institutions

Discover how we help financial institutions manage their financial risk.

Interest Rate Risk Management

Learn how we help optimize your balance sheet and meet your customers’ need for fixed-rate loan solutions.