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Private Equity

Make more informed decisions and optimize your financial risk management.

How we help private equity firms

Protect your investments by mitigating interest rate and FX risk through hedging strategies backed by our analytics, execution, hedge accounting, and compliance solutions.

  • Optimize pricing. Balance competitive terms and counterparty relationships to achieve best price.

  • Manage risk. Get strategies to meet your risk appetite within operational and economic constraints.

  • Maximize efficiency. Leverage our best-in-class advisory, implementation, and execution.

  • Gain perspective. Understand your risk exposure and benchmark against your peers.

Our private equity expertise

For private equity firms, interest rate and foreign currency fluctuations can significantly impact the success of individual investments or the entire fund. Chatham partners with many of the world’s leading private equity firms to quantify their interest rate and foreign exchange risk, including capital structuring considerations, and demonstrate the impacts of various hedging approaches under a variety of scenarios.

We tailor each hedging program to create your desired risk profile, balancing price and competitive ISDA terms while maintaining your counterparty relationships. We advise on Dodd-Frank/EMIR compliance and take into consideration strategies that produce optimal hedge accounting results.

Our solutions for private equity

Our private equity team

  • Brian Conly

    Managing Partner
    Private Equity and Infrastructure

    Kennett Square, PA

  • Jon Skeem

    Managing Director
    Hedging and Capital Markets

    Private Equity | Kennett Square, PA

  • Joshua Rusin

    Managing Director
    Hedging and Capital Markets

    Private Equity | London

  • Jordan Helmberger

    Managing Director
    Hedging and Capital Markets

    Private Equity | Kennett Square, PA

Our insights for private equity

We’d like to hear from you

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Interest rate risk

Learn how we help private equity firms use hedging strategies to minimize interest rate risk exposure.

FX risk management

Learn how we help private equity firms mitigate the impact of adverse local currency movements.