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This is an image of a woman looking at two monitors using Chatham's technology platform ChathamDirect.

Our Technology

Access powerful technology to expertly handle critical aspects of your organization's hedging program.

Take command of your real estate debt and derivatives with Chatham’s tailored software and advisory solutions. Get all the information you need, from analysis and modeling to valuation and reporting.

  • Be confident. Get the most from our technology with a timely, accurate picture of your portfolio as well as ongoing advice and support.

  • Gain insights. Understand market rates and forward curves for underwriting and updating investment models.

  • Optimize execution. Leverage our data, models, and systems for quick, efficient analysis and action.

  • Empower decisions. Manage your debt and hedges, with user-customized reporting and interfaces.

Optimize loan portfolio management

Gain fast access to the right information, never miss key dates, ensure your data is accurate, forecast easily, and report efficiently.

Master your portfolio of hedges

Access your derivatives through our platform to view and manage your active hedges, check payment calculations and valuations, and manage credit exposures.

Key tools for real estate investors

Our market rates and calculators help you understand high-level trends and plan for transactions, supported by a Chatham advisor who works with you to ensure the best execution.

Our real estate team

  • Joe Nowicki

    Managing Director
    Business Development

    Real Estate | Kennett Square, PA

  • Jackie Bowie

    Managing Partner, Board Member
    Head of EMEA

    Real Estate | London

  • Ken Richer

    Business Development

    Real Estate | Denver, CO

Our real estate clients

We partner with REITs, private equity funds, investment managers, developers, pension funds, family offices, and debt funds to manage their financial risk.

We’d like to hear from you

Contact us to learn more about how Chatham’s technology can help you manage financial risk.

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U.S. Market Rates

Current and historical US swap rates, treasury yields, Fallback Rate (SOFR), SOFR, Term SOFR swap rates, SIFMA, Fed Funds, Prime, and other interest rate risk benchmarks.

U.S. Forward Curves

View Term SOFR, Fallback Rate (SOFR), and Treasury forward curve charts or download the data in Excel to estimate the forecasting or underwriting of monthly floating rate debt.