Chatham helps clients with unique currency and interest rate risk management needs, such as accessing hedging even in illiquid frontier market currencies, or through assessing, monitoring, and managing unhedged investments. Chatham has deep technical expertise in local currency investments in emerging and frontier markets.
Chatham’s history in the microfinance sector dates back to the early 2000’s, which led to the formation of a team specifically foccused on inclusive finance in 2008. This team provides a broad range of advisory services to Microfinance, SME, and other impact-oriented sectors and has grown to become the industry’s leading risk management advisor.

Chatham has executed hedging transactions in over 50 currencies globally. We have investigated, analyzed and provided indications for clients considering investments in over 30 other currencies. Our broad market expertise helps Chatham to identify and evaluate the available alternatives in any situation.

Since 2008, Chatham has provided services to more than 20 inclusive finance sector clients, ranging from microfinance investment funds and development finance institutions to microfinance institutions and networks.

We provide two main areas of service: transaction management, including structuring, pricing, execution, and valuations; and customized currency risk management, including risk exposure analysis through modeling and policy development.