Chatham works with financial sponsors at many of the largest firms globally. Our spectrum of deals over the years gives us a rare perspective on how to add value to maximize their investment goals. Chatham’s holistic strategies reflect a deep currency, rate and hedge accounting expertise and allow us to devise optimal economic and accounting hedging options, pricing transparency and efficient market execution. We also relieve the administrative burdens associated with hedging, hedge accounting or regulatory compliance. With offices around the world, we can support our clients 24/7 and give clients the benefit of our global perspective on world markets. Our success-based fee structure is tied to deal execution, eliminating dead deal or additional out of pocket costs. Even after a deal is concluded, we often partner with the portfolio company team to offset any ongoing hedging or regulatory burdens, as well as provide proper hedge accounting through our services or technology solutions. We also help ensure that EBITDA is maximized and future risks mitigated.