Managing risk of investment ROI

Managing risk associated with interest expense on debt is a regular exercise for treasurers. With markets moving constantly, the ability to make well-reasoned decisions in short order is critical for all companies. Many companies want to know how they can quantify risk, assess it, and account for it when reporting such risk. Chatham is ready to help answer these key questions.

How Chatham helps reduce interest rate risk

Knowledge and Know-How: Chatham is in the markets every day, which significantly helps level the playing field with counterparties who have armies of PhD’s and traders focused on generating profits in these markets. We partner with clients to understand their business objectives and ensure the optimal structure and lowest transaction fees. We also guide companies through nuanced complexities and numerous regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment and Analysis: Chatham hedging services range from utilizing Monte Carlo simulations to aide hedging decisions, breakage analysis, negotiating ISDA agreements, meeting regulatory requirements and obtaining fair market terms. We also help determine the most appropriate structure that aligns with your economic and reporting goals to best quantify and assess your risk.

Hedge Accounting Treatment: Hedge accounting treatment is not an afterthought for Chatham. Our deep expertise in the standards under ASC 815 (formerly FAS 133) and IAS 39, delivers optimal economic hedging structures plus the most appropriate and favorable accounting treatments, using processes and methodologies respected by auditors and regulators alike.

Comprehensive and Competitive Execution Process: We ensure that credit terms and counterparties are arranged, documentation is successfully negotiated and each transaction is efficiently and effectively executed, whether through competitive auction or negotiation.

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