Our ChathamDirect Technology Platform

For more than a decade, Chatham Financial has invested in building an advanced technology platform to support our thriving risk management consulting practices. More recently we’ve also begun offering direct access to clients. The result is a market-leading SaaS platform based on the latest technologies and designed to rapidly evolve in response to the constantly changing requirements of today’s markets.

Our platform handles all facets of our business, supporting multiple asset classes including foreign currency, interest rate, commodity and inflation, and multiple instrument types, including complex debt and derivatives. Leveraging this foundation, we offer advanced analytical capabilities in the areas of risk management, hedge accounting, derivative valuations, debt management and defeasance.

Based on a robust common architecture, we offer solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs–whether they are in the Real Estate, Financial Institutions, Private Equity or Corporates markets. Clients of all sizes, from smaller specialized companies to Fortune 500 organizations, are supported on this common platform.

Our architecture and team: Our quant development team is at the core of the Chatham Financial technology platform. They have built scalable and market-tested financial modeling programs capable of handling multiple asset types and complex structures.

These models are used for live pricing by our consulting team members. They include sophisticated accounting treatments and risk analysis calculations as well as high-volume nightly valuations. Chatham team members are also industry thought leaders, working with other market participants in building and enhancing financial valuation models.

Of particular note is our work with market participants and regulators on the PFE model for CVA calculations and, more recently, the adoption of the OIS index for valuations. Our valuations and analysis development work are carefully controlled and subject to an annual SSAE 16 / SAS 70 audit —- from market data monitoring to software release cycles.

Our execution methods: The broad interaction of our consulting teams with our clients gives Chatham unique insight on client questions and the tasks they wish to perform with our technology. Our development and test teams use a highly flexible Agile methodology to continuously innovate and deliver new functionality to clients.

We also engage with client focus groups to perform user experience and usability testing. This helps ensure that, even in complex areas of finance, the software is as simple to use as possible. Our software is accessible both via both a web user interface and an API, allowing our clients to use our system either as a stand-alone SaaS point solution or as a fully integrated part of their treasury and risk management operations.