Navigating the changing landscape in derivatives regulation

The OTC derivatives market is undergoing a sea change as a result of global financial regulatory reforms under Dodd-Frank and EMIR. This further complicates the use of derivatives as a tool for hedging risk. Companies must now change their derivatives-related documentation, policies and procedures, as well as risk management strategies and operations.

Those with international operations face further complexity, as they must navigate multiple jurisdictions and regulatory regimes with new, complex reporting and other requirements. These reforms are far-reaching and no one is immune.

Benefits of Chatham Regulatory/Compliance Services

Deep expertise combined with strong market experience: Chatham offers a powerful blend of proven regulatory expertise, practical derivatives experience, and customized technology solutions. Our dedicated team brings years of experience advising both domestic and global companies on the impact of regulations on their hedging activities.

Practical regulatory advice: We work closely with companies and their legal counsel to determine and implement a plan of action. We identify the relevant areas of regulatory impact on your hedging activities, walk you through necessary changes to your derivatives-related documentation, and provide you with information to convey to board members and other stakeholders.

Working with clients around the world, our advice and solutions are operationally practical so that you can meet your compliance requirements without disrupting your business.

Solutions to reduce the burdens of compliance: Our technology platform captures all transaction data and manages all aspects of regulatory compliance, from reporting and portfolio reconciliation.

Whether your firm uses derivatives to hedge risk once a day or once a year, we can simplify the process of compliance.

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