Recognizing the unique nature of real estate funds, including the sheer number of transactions, the global investments scale, and the fact that most funds have very lean operations, Chatham brings more than 20 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate capital markets with services tailored to the industry.

Real estate funds value our pricing transparency and efficient market execution, holistic strategic thinking on portfolio and transactional risk, and ability to ease administrative burdens associated with hedging and regulatory compliance. We don’t think strictly in terms of hedging products, we seek to understand your investment goals, and advise you on the overall solution.

Since our success-based fee structure is tied to deal execution, we don’t burden your business with dead deal costs or watching the clock. We not only understand the nuances surrounding a particular deal, but also how they could impact your portfolio overall.

As your portfolio and business grow, Chatham can also meet any new or ongoing accounting, reporting, regulatory or valuation needs for debt or derivatives.