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Access Chatham’s knowledge and expertise in independent valuation of assets, debt, and derivatives.

We facilitate transparency and confidence in real estate asset, derivative, and debt valuations, empowering investors to make equitable and informed decisions about risk.

  • Demonstrate independence. Meet the auditors’ and investors’ demands for a third-party valuation.

  • Maximize efficiency. Outsource valuations to free up internal resources.

  • Gain confidence. Achieve valuations consistent with prevailing market data and rules.

  • Ensure transparency. Get visibility into valuation conclusions, including peer comparisons.

Our real estate valuation expertise

If you report fair value financials, or report historical cost financials, valuation is an important component of your financial reports, investor reporting, and performance measurement. You want to use industry-consistent valuation methodologies, benchmark yourself against your peers, and use consistent valuation methodologies across your organization.

Chatham’s valuation team provides the tools, resources, and expertise necessary to drive transparency and confidence in valuations. We believe that transparency empowers investors to make informed decisions, and leads to increased trust among all your stakeholders.

We provide support for our valuation conclusions, which gives you confidence when presenting results internally, to investors, or to auditors. Our robust reporting includes sensitivity analyses, a live model, and optional participation in a quarterly benchmark report. This injects transparency into the market, enables you to see peer comparisons, and provides assurance that your valuations are being calculated consistently with market-best practices and with your peers.

By trusting Chatham to handle your complex valuations and reporting, you and your team can spend time on work that is core to your business.

  • 7,200+ Independent debt valuation loans in system
  • 375+ Independent debt valuation funds represented
  • 98% of ODCE funds contributing to our benchmark report

Access advantage

As a leader in financial risk management, our mission is providing you with expert guidance and insight, so you can thrive in an increasingly complex and globally connected world. We transform our expertise and knowledge into your opportunity.

  • Industry focus

    We know your industry inside and out — and we've got the knowledge to help you make the right move.

  • Unmatched perspective

    The greatest volume and breadth of engagements in the industry create unrivaled market intelligence you can use to make informed decisions.

  • True independence

    The industry’s largest independent firm, we are free from outside interests and fully committed to putting you first.

Our real estate team

  • John Kjelstrom

    Managing Director
    Valuation, Reporting, and Analytics

    Real Estate | Kennett Square, PA

  • Joe Sisson

    Valuation, Reporting, and Analytics

    Real Estate | Kennett Square, PA

  • Jaran Burt

    Valuation, Reporting, and Analytics

    Real Estate | Denver, CO

  • Jackie Bowie

    Managing Partner, Board Member
    Head of EMEA

    Real Estate | London

Our real estate clients

We partner with REITs, private equity funds, investment managers, developers, pension funds, family offices,and debt funds to manage their financial risk.

We’d like to hear from you

Contact us to learn more about how Chatham can help you with valuations.

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Regulatory Compliance Advisory

Find out how we help real estate clients meet derivatives compliance obligations.

Interest Rate Risk Management

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