Earnings volatility is a key concern for Real Estate Investment Trusts. With the need to transparently communicate to stockholders, investors and partners, along with obligations for SEC filings, REITs demand effective capital markets strategies and efficient treasury management solutions. Whatever the composition of the portfolio, REITs must manage their assets with a high degree of precision.

Chatham serves Equity and Mortgage REITs with an understanding of the needs of both non-financial and financial entity companies. We work with REITs for interest rate and foreign currency hedging and hedge accounting, with an eye on compliance under Dodd-Frank and how legal requirements, like ISDAs, should be negotiated.

As a trusted member of finance and treasury teams, Chatham supplies expert advice, practical processes and software solutions to help manage regular activities such as loan management and debt valuation. We also help navigate critical analysis and due diligence for major events like M&A activities and debt placement.

Chatham’s reputation is preceded only by its results, with the majority of US REITs benefiting from our best-in-class financial risk and capital markets solutions.