As a private real estate owner, developer, operator or investor, day-to-day operations are ruled by existing properties, active projects, and the next deal. Whatever amount of financing is involved, the goal is to optimize financing. This way you can concentrate on your core business. Chatham understands the nuanced needs and requirements for advice on a broad range of capital markets concerns, including optimizing capital structure, hedging financial risks, prepaying loans, and managing debt through our proprietary technology.

As a 100% employee-owned, independent advisor, Chatham aligns with our real estate clients to help them achieve their specific return objectives. We work with private real estate investors to secure favorable rates and structures for interest rate hedges while ensuring that trade execution is smooth, competitive, and fully compliant under Dodd-Frank regulation. We partner with legal counsel, mortgage bankers, loan servicers, and agency originators to minimize burdens and maximize cost savings.