Chatham’s expert advisory services and proprietary software solutions for real estate debt and derivatives not only serve global real estate investors, but also our clients’ key partners, including lenders, brokers, agency originators, auditors, loan servicers, and legal counsel.

Chatham collaborates among all partners to ensure details are in order for a smooth closing. This involves considerations on hedging, defeasance execution, best treatment for hedge accounting, specifics on derivatives regulatory compliance, and negotiation of ISDA and related documentation. Our independent, unbiased perspective, market-proven models and methodologies, and proprietary SaaS platform make Chatham Financial the authority in debt and derivatives practices serving real estate clients and their business partners.

Recognizing the unique nature of real estate funds, including the sheer number of transactions, the global investments scale, and the fact that most funds have very lean operations, Chatham brings more than 20 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate capital markets with services tailored to the industry.

Real estate funds value our pricing transparency and efficient market execution, holistic strategic thinking on portfolio and transactional risk, and ability to ease administrative burdens associated with hedging and regulatory compliance. We don’t think strictly in terms of hedging products, we seek to understand your investment goals, and advise you on the overall solution.

Since our success-based fee structure is tied to deal execution, we don’t burden your business with dead deal costs or watching the clock. We not only understand the nuances surrounding a particular deal, but also how they could impact your portfolio overall.

As your portfolio and business grow, Chatham can also meet any new or ongoing accounting, reporting, regulatory or valuation needs for debt or derivatives.

Earnings volatility is a key concern for Real Estate Investment Trusts. With the need to transparently communicate to stockholders, investors and partners, along with obligations for SEC filings, REITs demand effective capital markets strategies and efficient treasury management solutions. Whatever the composition of the portfolio, REITs must manage their assets with a high degree of precision.

Chatham serves Equity and Mortgage REITs with an understanding of the needs of both non-financial and financial entity companies. We work with REITs for interest rate and foreign currency hedging and hedge accounting, with an eye on compliance under Dodd-Frank and how legal requirements, like ISDAs, should be negotiated.

As a trusted member of finance and treasury teams, Chatham supplies expert advice, practical processes and software solutions to help manage regular activities such as loan management and debt valuation. We also help navigate critical analysis and due diligence for major events like M&A activities and debt placement.

Chatham’s reputation is preceded only by its results, with the majority of US REITs benefiting from our best-in-class financial risk and capital markets solutions.

As a private real estate owner, developer, operator or investor, day-to-day operations are ruled by existing properties, active projects, and the next deal. Whatever amount of financing is involved, the goal is to optimize financing. This way you can concentrate on your core business. Chatham understands the nuanced needs and requirements for advice on a broad range of capital markets concerns, including optimizing capital structure, hedging financial risks, prepaying loans, and managing debt through our proprietary technology.

As a 100% employee-owned, independent advisor, Chatham aligns with our real estate clients to help them achieve their specific return objectives. We work with private real estate investors to secure favorable rates and structures for interest rate hedges while ensuring that trade execution is smooth, competitive, and fully compliant under Dodd-Frank regulation. We partner with legal counsel, mortgage bankers, loan servicers, and agency originators to minimize burdens and maximize cost savings.