Compliance without compromising hedging

OTC derivatives continue to evolve in this era of financial regulatory reform. Dodd-Frank and EMIR regulation are now actively enforced. These new standards have increased complexity and rigor for real estate companies. They must manage derivative-related documentation, policies and resolutions, as well as risk management operations.

While the changes in effect today present one set of challenges, continued adjustments in the rules further complicate the compliance process. This demands a watchful eye and sharp navigation skills.

How Chatham’s regulatory compliance services provide optimized compliance

Derivatives regulation understanding meets markets expertise: Chatham guides you through compliance with derivatives regulations with a powerful combination of proven regulatory expertise, practical derivatives experience, and technology solutions you can apply to your business.

Our dedicated team of regulatory experts has been actively engaged in the global policy debate on derivatives regulatory reform. They bring many years of experience advising public and privately held real estate firms on the impact and implications of derivatives regulation on hedging programs.

Staying ahead of derivatives regulation: We work closely with real estate investors, whether financial or non-financial entities, in addition to associated legal counsel. First, we identify the relevant areas of impact that derivatives regulations have on your hedging activities. Then we walk you through changes to your derivatives-related documentation. We also provide you with information for communicating with your boards and other stakeholders as they make such decisions as the end user exception to clearing resolution under Dodd-Frank.

Reducing the burdens of compliance: Chatham has the technology platform capable of capturing all transaction data and managing all aspects of regulatory reporting, from standard reporting, documentation and understanding legal obligations, through activities like portfolio reconciliation. Our technology applications are your web-based repository for all documentation related to your trades and entities.

How companies work with Chatham

Real estate firms are able to leverage Chatham’s derivatives regulation compliance services in a number of ways. Whether as part of a holistic retainer engagement for hedging and risk management, or as individual projects to assess specific compliance needs, Chatham gives clear understanding of compliance benefits and fees. We shoulder the knowledge and administrative burden, helping you get your company’s compliance in order.

Whether you execute a hedge once a year or you have a multi-faceted hedging program with daily maintenance required, Chatham can simplify the process of derivatives compliance for you.

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