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    EMIR Refit impacts for fund-level hedging

    Changes to EMIR that could impact fund-level hedging, including REITs, became effective June 17, 2019. European regulators have expanded the financial counterparty definition to include all funds.

    Private Equity
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    Jun 18, 2019
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    White Paper

    FX hedging for private debt funds

    This white paper introduces the key sources of FX exposure, some common methods for mitigating FX risks, and some of the challenges and choices that typically arise around that process.

    Private Equity
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    Is foreign currency debt the right answer for FX hedging?

    Using debt as a natural FX hedge by matching it to the company’s EBITDA currency split, is a commonly deployed solution in private equity. For example, a EUR-reporting business, generating half its EBITDA in EUR and half in USD, would draw debt in these same proportions.

    Private Equity
    Post Date
    Aug 31, 2018
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