Optimal management of large and complex debt and derivative portfolios

As infrastructure portfolios grow, so do the challenges of managing them. In recent years, such challenges are compounded by more diversified debt terms and increased regulatory requirements, including trade reporting and portfolio reconciliation.

In addition, derivatives have a heightened reputation for risk. The resulting increased investor and regulatory scrutiny require even more robust transaction recording, valuation, and monitoring.

How Chatham supports your risk management needs

Chatham’s advisory services combined with accounting-compliant debt and derivative valuations technology are specifically built around equity sponsor requirements. This approach is unique from the majority of advisory-only firms and pure technology providers. And, it forms the basis of a range of services, which may be tailored to these requirements:

  • Central repository of debt and derivative economics and documentation
  • Derivatives valuations, including accounting-compliant CVAs
  • Derivatives accounting
  • Debt valuations
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Fund- and corporate-level FX analysis and hedge design
  • Dodd-Frank and EMIR regulatory compliance, including trade reporting and portfolio reconciliation

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