Regulatory Services for Financial Institutions

Since the adoption of regulatory reforms under Dodd-Frank and EMIR, financial institutions (FIs) have undergone tremendous changes in the areas of risk and compliance. Although many of the most transformative reforms have been put in place, work is still being done around the edges which can result in significant impact to the market and the financial institution.

Combining our expertise of working with more than 150 financial institutions with our deep knowledge of derivative regulations, Chatham has developed a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions for FIs of all sizes. Chatham’s regulatory solutions are provided entirely by in-house legal and derivatives experts. This blend of fully-integrated market know-how and regulatory expertise makes us uniquely positioned to provide optimized, fully-tailored compliance solutions without needing to introduce you to additional external advisors.

Chatham’s own Luke Zubrod currently sits on the CFTC’s Market Risk Advisory Committee, a group focused on promoting integrity within the derivatives markets. On issues ranging from LIBOR transition to derivatives market reforms, our work in Washington reflects our desire to make markets fair, safe and transparent, and to reflect the concerns of our clients with respect to public policy.

Our Derivatives Regulatory Solutions

Financial institutions are able to leverage Chatham’s derivatives regulatory compliance services in a number of ways. Whether as part of a holistic engagement for hedging and risk management, or as an individual project to assess specific compliance needs, Chatham can help you meet your derivatives compliance obligations with ease and confidence.

  • Compliance for Borrower Swaps Programs: Financial institutions that offer swaps to their commercial customers must ensure that they are prepared to successfully navigate the regulatory implications of such programs. As industry leaders in advising on borrower swaps programs, Chatham’s regulatory solutions and processes are designed to ensure that your bank’s program is both compliant and efficient. From pre-trade documentation and borrower qualification, through post-trade regulatory reporting, Chatham addresses all facets of derivatives regulation facing your borrower swaps program.
  • ISDA Advisory & Negotiation: Chatham reviews more than 3,000 ISDA agreements annually across more than 100 dealer counterparties and countless commercial borrowers. We will partner with your existing in-house or outside counsel to ensure consistency with underlying facilities, credit agreements or loans while delivering best in market terms. Unlike most law firms, Chatham will analyze terms from both a legal and an economic perspective to ensure that all provisions are appropriate for your institution.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Chatham provides an end-to-end solution that relieves the operational burden of reporting and reduces compliance risk. As the largest third-party submitter of trade reports to DTCC, a global trade repository, we report trades and valuations across jurisdictions and asset classes for hundreds of clients.
  • Enterprise Regulatory Consulting: The onset of derivatives regulation has created a maze of regulatory requirements that can be difficult to navigate. Our tailored, enterprise-wide regulatory assessment and strategy programs are developed to support both the economic and legal business objectives for risk management. Our assessment framework analyzes the impact of global derivatives regulation on a bank’s risk management program, evaluates existing transaction processes and risk management policies, and develops customized remediation and compliance recommendations. In addition to providing an assessment, we partner with our clients to define an appropriate strategy to address the needed processes, technology and implementation requirements to ensure compliance across the institution.

Whether your need is comprehensive or very specific, we can help relieve your burdens with regulatory compliance and ensure your bank is efficiently and effectively meeting all of its requirements.

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