Unsurpassed support for corporate debt, project, and acquisition finance

As a result of the global financial crisis, market risk management for infrastructure borrowers has become exponentially more complex. Borrowers face many possible financing and interest rate mechanisms, as well as larger funding groups, increased lender negotiation power, shortage of derivatives capacity, and capability, extended transaction processes and a scarcity of suitable precedents. Properly hedging or debt breakage costs on a future refinancing is now a priority.

How Chatham supports your risk management needs

Our team identifies and analyses market risk as an integral part of the financing decision, as well as develops risk management strategies. We optimize your approach to funding and hedging markets, as well as manage hedging and funder relationships. We also negotiate and document hedging terms, manage the transaction process and all aspects of market execution and post-close trade administration.

We strive to work as an integral part of your deal team from the earliest stages of a transaction, in close collaboration with other advisors. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Interest rate hedging
  • Inflation revenue hedging and construction contract hedging
  • Foreign currency hedging
  • Emerging markets
  • Fixed- and inflation-linked debt pricing
  • Transaction documentation
  • Derivative accounting services
  • Derivatives regulation

To learn more about Chatham’s optimal strategies for managing risk, please contact us today.