Success with a customer back-to-back swap program

Focus more time on:
Winning profitable long-term fixed rate deals
Growing revenue through product line diversification
Building stronger customer relationships
Spend less time:
Managing complicated compliance processes
Adapting to rapidly-changing technology
Managing multiple service providers
Helping commercial customers make informed financing decisions by offering market-based, flexible and transparent fixed rate solutions.

Keys to achieving program success

  • Defined program strategy, institutional alignment and execution
  • Responsive and scalable product infrastructure
  • Efficient risk management and compliance coverage
  • Product delivery at any scale

Turn-key derivatives platform from Chatham

Chatham offers the most comprehensive back-to-back solution available to community and regional banks. Our platform, RateManager, is designed by bankers for bankers.
Service: One team dedicated to helping your bank and your customers succeed

Scale: Efficiency regardless of deal volume, from one trade to hundreds of trades

Technology: Modern and secure web technology enabling efficient marketing, origination and servicing for your entire derivatives program

Control: Market-tested processes, controls and built-in Dodd-Frank compliance

How Chatham can help

  • Evaluate if a back-to-back swap program is a fit for your bank
  • Launch and grow your bank’s back-to-back swap program
  • Optimize and scale your bank’s existing back-to-back program
  • Explore practical alternatives to a back-to-back program

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Proven success record: 15+ years, 150+ banks

Since 2001, we have partnered with banks of all sizes to help launch, run and grow successful customer back-to-back swap programs. As a result we are the largest and most experienced non-bank provider of back-to-back swap support to regional and community banks.

Through our time-tested approach of combining the best of market practices, client feedback and industry-wide collaboration we are able offer an industry-leading platform where all participants can succeed.

Independent Expert. Proven Platform. Trusted Partner.