VIDEO: Internships at Chatham

Three interns describe how an internship at Chatham Financial works and how they are trusted to work on projects that directly affect the business and our clients.


Video Transcript:
Molly Atwater: I’m Molly Atwater and I go to the College of William and Mary. I’m an applied math major with a concentration in operations research.
Tim Ko: My name is Tim Ko and I go to the University of Michigan. I study industrial and operations engineering.
Karthik Chetty: My name is Karthik Chetty and I go to Amherst College. I am majoring in math and economics.
Molly Atwater: It feels more like a startup than it does like a normal financial industry.
Tim Ko: Everyone is so collaborative and everyone is willing to help you learn.
Karthik Chetty: Even if people are higher than you on the corporate ladder, per se, they’re still very willing to talk to you and explain things to you and they don’t think it’s a waste of their time.
Tim Ko: Coming into the internship, I didn’t have too many expectations other than just being able to learn a lot and absorb as much as I can.
Karthik Chetty: I came in wanting to learn more about the space, about the sector. I think that’s definitely something that has happened over the last few weeks and I definitely want it to continue.
Molly Atwater: It’s nice to see that you have an impact as an intern. Every morning, the bank team has to send out a single email to 50 different banks and it used to be a 20-minute process so I’ve basically turned it into clicking 3 buttons and it’s done in 3 minutes now.
Karthik Chetty: One of the clients wanted to have some analysis done and so I was helping people on the complex advisory team make a presentation and do some analysis for that so that was a cool way to get to learn more about currency hedging.
Tim Ko: I was involved in creating the offering memo, which is like one of the beginning stages, just getting involved in all the different parts of the project.
Molly Atwater: It’s really cool to see how the stuff that you’re working on, even as an intern, is going to help the entire team.
Tim Ko: I’ll be presenting in 2 weeks. Just starting to mold my presentation.
Karthik Chetty: For this presentation I’m working on next week, I needed to talk to a bunch of different people across the company to learn more about the types of things they do and about the topics that we’re going to cover.
Tim Ko: The presentation was last week. I think it went really well. Going in, I was pretty nervous. Preparing to speak in front of the company is obviously something that I’ve never done before.
Molly Atwater: Had a good turnout of people, got really good questions, got really good feedback.
Karthik Chetty: I think I did a great job of telling people what I worked on over the summer. I got to meet a lot of people. They’ve been great to get to know.
Molly Atwater: The Baggo tournament looked like a lot of fun.
Tim Ko: Baggo, it’s a big deal here at Chatham. There is 33 teams. We actually placed third and that was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.
Karthik Chetty: I’ve been to a couple company events. I actually went to one of the softball games, it was really fun.
Tim Ko: Being able to hang out with the other interns and not just work really shows the work-life balance that Chatham has here.
Karthik Chetty: Make the most of the time here.
Molly Atwater: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everybody wants to give it. You’re going to learn a heck of a lot more if you raise your hand and say, “How do you do this?”
Tim Ko: Just jump right in. Really just being able to engage with people on your team and the people in your sector because they’re all really approachable and willing to help out.
Karthik Chetty: It’s definitely a great opportunity. Definitely make the most of the time here.
Tim Ko: What I’m taking away from Chatham and my experience this summer was to be able to get out of my comfort zone and be able to engage myself in something that I might not have thought I had an interest in.
Karthik Chetty: If anything, it’s given me more questions as to all these different interesting things that I’ve been exposed to, what do I want to focus on in the future? That’s definitely a good problem to have.
Molly Atwater: I never thought that I would have this much responsibility, like I would be putting a sheet in a bank’s hands that they use to make real-life decisions.
Karthik Chetty: I think it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot, meet a lot of new people and really work in a very interesting space in the financial sector.