VIDEO: Tanner, Real Estate: Life at Chatham

Tanner Robb of Chatham Financial discusses how he became a Chathamite and how an openness to learning makes all the difference at Chatham Financial. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Tanner Robb: I was actually at the American Banker’s Association Conference my senior year of college, with a few other students, and ran into somebody who worked at Chatham. He explained what the company did. I didn’t know a lot about derivatives but it certainly sounded interesting so I got his card and ended coming up for an interview. The next thing I knew, I was living in Kennett Square.

What made me select Chatham was that it was an immediate in to a consulting role. It’s the type of work where you get to do both qualitative and quantitative so I knew there was going to be a lot of math involved. There’s going to be a lot of back-end number crunching but at the same point, consulting is a business of boiling that down to a concept that your clients can understand. That was really attractive to me, that there would be client interaction but there would also be the finance side. I don’t think that’s something a lot of new hires get to experience. Oftentimes, in analyst roles, they’re stuck as an analyst crunching numbers. There’s no client interaction. That’s not always the case at Chatham. Here you have the opportunity to work directly with clients early on in your career, once you completed training and are moving on to a full time consulting role. That was something that was discussed in my interviews and I definitely found it more attractive than other analyst positions I was looking at.

I’d say learning from colleagues and their experiences can lead to success pretty quickly. I think, as well, what you have at Chatham is an open environment where more senior colleagues are willing to teach their younger colleagues. They’re willing to explain how they do work, why they would do something a certain way, and there’s not any hoarding of information. It’s all out on the table and people are willing to teach others and that’s I think what makes Chatham great and what makes us able to develop people quickly. I’m Tanner Robb and I’m a Chathamite.