VIDEO: Pooja, Tech: Life at Chatham

Pooja Hegde of Chatham Financial explains how she became a Chathamite after studying at Temple University. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Pooja Hegde: I’m Pooja Hegde. I’ve been at Chatham for 10 years and I’m on the technology team. I was born and raised in Bombay. I came to the United States for grad school, I was majoring in computer science at Temple University. A couple of months before my graduation I came across Chatham’s profile and was royally interesting. The focus was a lot more on, you just have the raw material to do great work. They want smart people who want to work hard, solve interesting problems, want to learn, and a lot less on these are sort of the programming languages. It just felt like a completely different experience.

I co-lead on the product development team so there about 4 products that I’m responsible for. We’re really trying to build our products that are catered to a specific sector, a specific user base. As needs come up on the different product teams, I decide what feels very similar and is there something that we could build out at the platform level that the different product teams can then plug and play and not really have to reinvent the wheel. Then I have team responsibilities so I’m working extremely closely with the team, figuring out how to set up opportunities so every person can thrive in what they do best.

I love solving problems. The more complicated they are, the better. I feel like I’m constantly challenged. I like the fact that even though my role has changed, I’m still solving problems, but the tools I use are different. All of those skills that I’ve been given the opportunity to learn, do reps on and pick up, have been extremely valuable in the role I play now.

For me it’s always been about the people, I love the team I work with. It’s not just the people on the technology team but it’s even the people on other teams at Chatham that I work with and interact with. The software I build isn’t just cool because it technically challenges me to build that software, it’s also cool because it actually impacts the end user and delivers some value to them. I’m Pooja Hegde and I’m Chathamite.