VIDEO: Paulina, Krakow EFM: Life at Chatham

Paulina Krol of Chatham Financial discusses how she became a Chathamite and all the opportunities to learn the business that exist at Chatham regardless of what office at which you’re based. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Paulina Krol: I came to Chatham three and a half years ago. I am based in Poland in our Krakow office. I heard of Chatham from a friend who had a friend working there. The name popped up and the question was, “What do they do?” The answer is, “Well, something with finance but you’ll like it.” Working in Krakow has been a great experience. The fact that you can really develop and grow and progress in your knowledge and your experience. Because it’s really hard to learn derivatives or anything derivative related in any of the Polish universities, I really appreciate the fact that Chatham is aware of that but still doesn’t give up on people who have never heard of derivatives before.

The fact the company teaches you everything from zero to wherever you’d like to be is a great chance to really grow and learn, things that probably only a few people in Poland know. I’m very happy that we were able to have the emerging and frontier markets brown bag lunch earlier today. It was great that so many people turned up and were interested in the topic. It was great to share what we do and really the passion that stands behind it. We enjoy what we do. We believe that we really add value to the clients of ours who often are not as sophisticated as some other bigger clients.

We really feel that the educating factor is an important one and just being able to share it with the company and especially that it’s part of the fourth purpose of Chatham as such. Yeah, it was great to have it here in Poland. I’m Paulina and I’m a Chathamite.