VIDEO: Kristianna, Corporates: Life at Chatham

Kristianna Nelson of Chatham Financial discusses how she became a Chathamite and what excites her about working for Chatham Financial. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Kristianna Nelson: My name’s Kristianna Nelson, and I’ve been with Chatham for a little over three years now. I received my undergrad in mathematics, and from there I was working on my masters in secondary education, so I had full plans on becoming a high-school math teacher. I ended up hearing about Chatham through some personal connections. I just became interested in kind of thinking about a different career path, but still using my mathematics mindset. I think I ended up using my education mindset, too, in different ways.

When I first started, I immediately was working on the accounting team. From there, I started to sort of split my time between hedge accounting and complex advisory. I was able to work on-site at a client for a week long. We were hired to do a foreign currency analysis for this company. By the end of the week, we actually had a presentation, Amanda and I presented with the client, with the CFO, Treasurer, and then a lot of the different people on the treasury team.

By the end of it, the CFO kind of gave Amanda and I fist pounds and said, “You’re just what the doctor ordered.” It was so great to have that kind of face-to-face experience with a client, where you could see that they were so appreciative of the work that we did. It was important that they saw how seriously we took their work, and that we became available to them. I think that’s one of my favorite things about working at Chatham, is just wowing clients and thrilling them. I really feel like a lot of the things that I’ve been done have been meaningful, and in my eyes, at least, have been valuable work, whether to the client or to Chatham. I’m Kristianna, and I am a Chathamite.