VIDEO: Kevin, Tech: Life at Chatham

Kevin Buckley of Chatham Financial discusses how he became a Chathamite and how Chatham Financial is filled with great people. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Kevin Buckley: I’m Kevin Buckley, I’m part of our technology team. I’ve been at Chatham for 9 years. I was a computer science major in college and I became a developer right away. Interviewees will ask, what’s your favorite thing about Chatham, and it’s like there’s just so many things. The people are so passionate and just fun to be with, the problem set that we’re working on is so complicated. I feel empowered to make decisions on a day by day basis. If you’re solving a new problem and you don’t really feel you have the tools to solve it, that you can go find new tools that are out in the industry, kind of figure out what’s cutting edge, and use those tools to solve the problem. You really feel empowered when you’re here at Chatham.

We did a lot of brainstorming of what kind of changes do we want to bring to the technology team? Hack week was born out of that. What’s cool is how it’s evolved. It’s really become a full company innovation week where we have people from the deal team proposing ideas, people from technology proposing ideas, some projects kind of mesh those two idea together to kind of try to come up with something even better. Any type of language that you’re passionate about, you want to try, hack week is really the time to really try that out, see if it makes sense. You do a big presentation at the end where you show everyone across the whole department, so everybody kind of learns from everybody else. Some of our core technologies came from hack week, and some of our major products were really born out of hack week projects.

The two big things at Chatham that really get me most excited is the people I get to work with, just coming to the office everyone’s so fun to hang out with, everyone’s so fun to bounce ideas off of. I feel like we could be working with any problem, whether it be in finance or really any industry, this would be great group of people to be with to kind of solve those problems, so that’s really fun. The second thing is that the problems are always changing and Chatham’s technology landscape is pretty vast to where there’s a lot of web developing you need to do, there’s a lot of modeling, back-end modeling development we need to do, there’s whole DevOps infrastructure that we have in place. Wherever your kind of passion lies, Chatham is a place that really incorporates that and helps you pursue those passions. I’m Kevin Buckley, and I’m a Chathamite.