VIDEO: Jason, Financial Institutions: Life at Chatham

Jason Lange of Chatham Financial discusses how he became a Chathamite and how he delivers excellence to clients on the Financial Institutions team. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Jason Lange: My name is Jason Lange and I’ve been at Chatham seven years and eleven months. I went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and I came out of there with a bachelors degree in material science and engineering. I was commissioned a second lieutenant in the army coming out of college where I’d spent almost eight years as an aviation officer. The leadership skills that I came away from the army with were absolutely critical to my own development and who I am and who I’ve become. I do rely on them in serving clients, figuring out what the best way is to solve a problem, how the best way is to communicate the solution to a client, and so my first opportunity coming out of the army then was with a industrial gas manufacturer, but I found myself gravitating towards the financial contracts that we worked under.

I was in the executive MBA program at the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania. The results of that was I was really then going to pursue an opportunity coming out of school that that would suit me. I came to Chatham based on one of my classmates in my MBA program worked at Chatham at the time and he suggested that I check out Chatham as part of my job hunting, and when I took his advice I came to realize this is a very special place, a place that I really wanted to be a part of. From the culture and the atmosphere, the work that’s being done here, it all clicked. Here at Chatham I work on the financial institutions team, AKA the bank team, and I’m in a client relationship manager role.

We help our clients manage interest rate risk at the bank itself, we also help them offer products to their own commercial borrowers to manage interest rate risk. I like the opportunity to work with clients who have a need for the products and services that we offer at Chatham. We aspire to be a partner to our clients, that’s our goal. We want to be able to be there to serve them with their hedging needs, with their ability to get their own clients, in terms of hedging products. I do enjoy bringing a team together, helping our clients understand what kind of portfolio transactions they’ve acquired.

We deal with financial contracts and trust is inherent and necessary to serve our clients. It’s something that we, here at Chatham we need to earn from our clients, and the way we earn it is in our advisory, in at all the different people that serve clients. The desire and the motivation to serve clients with excellence, it’s not something that I experienced in my other opportunities prior to coming to Chatham. Coming here it was different, it was a very collaborative environment, one in which I got to see first hand how people were able to serve clients and do so with excellence.

My name is Jason Lange and I am a Chathamite.