VIDEO: Jarek, Krakow Tech: Life at Chatham

Jarek Stachowiak of Chatham Financial explains how he became a Chathamite. A full transcription of the video is available below.


Video Transcript:
Jarek Stachowiak: My name is Jarek, I have been working at Chatham Financial for 4.5 years right now.

I am working as a technical lead. My team essentially does a lot of things behind the scenes – we don’t have our client-facing customers, but we do serve a lot of teams that work within the company.

The challenging part about being a member of the models team is that you actually – when you build your code, you work with a variety of different asset classes that the business deals with directly. This could be interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities and sometimes so exotic things: derivatives for energy or even weather.

Prior to Chatham I was working at a bank, for 1,5 years. The interesting part about that and transitioning to a company like Chatham is the fact that I had a great comparison between a big corporation versus a smaller company that has essentially a 100+ technical team.

The company itself values more individuals, interactions, beyond straight formal processes. I think this is really cool, because rules don’t really build great products – I think there are people that actually come together that build awesome stuff.

Every single one of the persons that I had an interaction with feels like a great specialist, whether it’s a quant person, whether it’s someone who’s working in HR or maybe doing business directly with clients – those people are really true professionals that care about their daily work.

We really deeply believe that through our actions we can restore transparency and trust into the capital markets.

I’m Jarek and I’m a Chathamite.