VIDEO: Ania, Krakow Operations: Life at Chatham

Ania Uruszczak of Chatham Financial explains how she became a Chathamite. A full transcription of the video is available below.


Video Transcript:
Ania Uruszczak: My name is Ania. I’ve been working at Chatham for 3.5 years.

I’ve always loved humanities and languages, I actually studied Japanese language and then, after graduation, I worked at a company that offered outsourcing services and then I simply needed a switch in my career and a new job and I was browsing job offers on the internet, so I recall Chatham’s offer just caught my eye. One of the reasons was because they didn’t require any previous experience in finance and I wanted to enter something new so it was a good learning opportunity.

I’m a kind of person who really enjoys working with text and databases and my daily duties require working with this kind of stuff. We focus on quite different functions which range from control, compliance, regulatory advisory to operations and support of some internal processes. I’m the part of the team which does the operations-related stuff, which means there are certain functions which can be taken over from other teams – centralized globally, and quite a lot of them are related to regulatory obligations that Chatham’s clients are expected to meet. So my team does stuff like reporting trades, reconciling portfolios between a bank and a client, managing collateral, reviewing confirmations and so on, so a little bit of this, a little bit of that and the same goes for my daily duties.

I really enjoy the fact that if I have a question I can go almost to anybody and I know they will be approachable and eager to help – and it’s mutual: I also like the fact that I can help them.

What distinguishes Chatham from other employers in the market are our values. I don’t mean that our values are something that only Chatham would come up with but I mean that in many companies, values are something that is just laid out in an employee handbook – and forgotten. And here we are constantly reminded and encouraged to live them.

I’m Ania and I’m a Chathamite.