VIDEO: Ania, Krakow Operations: Life at Chatham

Ania Uruszczak of Chatham Financial explains how she became a Chathamite. A full transcription of the video is available below.


Video Transcript:
Ania Uruszczak: My name is Ania. I’ve been working at Chatham for 3.5 years.

I’ve always loved humanities and languages, I actually studied Japanese language and then, after graduation, I worked at a company that offered outsourcing services and then I simply needed a switch in my career and a new job and I was browsing job offers on the internet, so I recall Chatham’s offer just caught my eye. One of the reasons was because they didn’t require any previous experience in finance and I wanted to enter something new so it was a good learning opportunity.

I’m a kind of person who really enjoys working with text and databases and my daily duties require working with this kind of stuff. We focus on quite different functions which range from control, compliance, regulatory advisory to operations and support of some internal processes. I’m the part of the team which does the operations-related stuff, which means there are certain functions which can be taken over from other teams – centralized globally, and quite a lot of them are related to regulatory obligations that Chatham’s clients are expected to meet. So my team does stuff like reporting trades, reconciling portfolios between a bank and a client, managing collateral, reviewing confirmations and so on, so a little bit of this, a little bit of that and the same goes for my daily duties.

I really enjoy the fact that if I have a question I can go almost to anybody and I know they will be approachable and eager to help – and it’s mutual: I also like the fact that I can help them.

What distinguishes Chatham from other employers in the market are our values. I don’t mean that our values are something that only Chatham would come up with but I mean that in many companies, values are something that is just laid out in an employee handbook – and forgotten. And here we are constantly reminded and encouraged to live them.

I’m Ania and I’m a Chathamite.

VIDEO: Jarek, Krakow Tech: Life at Chatham

Jarek Stachowiak of Chatham Financial explains how he became a Chathamite. A full transcription of the video is available below.


Video Transcript:
Jarek Stachowiak: My name is Jarek, I have been working at Chatham Financial for 4.5 years right now.

I am working as a technical lead. My team essentially does a lot of things behind the scenes – we don’t have our client-facing customers, but we do serve a lot of teams that work within the company.

The challenging part about being a member of the models team is that you actually – when you build your code, you work with a variety of different asset classes that the business deals with directly. This could be interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities and sometimes so exotic things: derivatives for energy or even weather.

Prior to Chatham I was working at a bank, for 1,5 years. The interesting part about that and transitioning to a company like Chatham is the fact that I had a great comparison between a big corporation versus a smaller company that has essentially a 100+ technical team.

The company itself values more individuals, interactions, beyond straight formal processes. I think this is really cool, because rules don’t really build great products – I think there are people that actually come together that build awesome stuff.

Every single one of the persons that I had an interaction with feels like a great specialist, whether it’s a quant person, whether it’s someone who’s working in HR or maybe doing business directly with clients – those people are really true professionals that care about their daily work.

We really deeply believe that through our actions we can restore transparency and trust into the capital markets.

I’m Jarek and I’m a Chathamite.

VIDEO: Pooja, Tech: Life at Chatham

Pooja Hegde of Chatham Financial explains how she became a Chathamite after studying at Temple University. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Pooja Hegde: I’m Pooja Hegde. I’ve been at Chatham for 10 years and I’m on the technology team. I was born and raised in Bombay. I came to the United States for grad school, I was majoring in computer science at Temple University. A couple of months before my graduation I came across Chatham’s profile and was royally interesting. The focus was a lot more on, you just have the raw material to do great work. They want smart people who want to work hard, solve interesting problems, want to learn, and a lot less on these are sort of the programming languages. It just felt like a completely different experience.

I co-lead on the product development team so there about 4 products that I’m responsible for. We’re really trying to build our products that are catered to a specific sector, a specific user base. As needs come up on the different product teams, I decide what feels very similar and is there something that we could build out at the platform level that the different product teams can then plug and play and not really have to reinvent the wheel. Then I have team responsibilities so I’m working extremely closely with the team, figuring out how to set up opportunities so every person can thrive in what they do best.

I love solving problems. The more complicated they are, the better. I feel like I’m constantly challenged. I like the fact that even though my role has changed, I’m still solving problems, but the tools I use are different. All of those skills that I’ve been given the opportunity to learn, do reps on and pick up, have been extremely valuable in the role I play now.

For me it’s always been about the people, I love the team I work with. It’s not just the people on the technology team but it’s even the people on other teams at Chatham that I work with and interact with. The software I build isn’t just cool because it technically challenges me to build that software, it’s also cool because it actually impacts the end user and delivers some value to them. I’m Pooja Hegde and I’m Chathamite.

VIDEO: Kuniko, Asia: Life at Chatham

Kuniko Kurosaki of Chatham Financial discusses her experience at Chatham as a hedging advisory consultant in the Singapore office. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Kuniko Kurosaki: My name is Kuniko. I’m working in Chatham’s Singapore office. I’m working as hedging advisory consultant. We provide advice or execution of the transaction to the clients in Asia. We have different markets in different jurisdictions. Every market is quite different from each other. It’s quite diverse and also dynamic. In terms of capital market, it’s not as transparent as U.S. or Europe. That’s why there are lot more opportunities for us to be more valuable for the clients. Singapore is quite remotely located. I like the flexibility and making my own opinion, getting some advices from others. It’s really ad hoc and freestyle, but the same time, it’s really exciting and creative. I like the feeling that I’m making an impact in some way to client or to the team. We are not U.S. company. We are a global company, and our clients are global. For that connection, it is great idea to share what we are doing on the other side of the world.

I’m Kuniko, and I’m a Chathamite.

VIDEO: Jason, Financial Institutions: Life at Chatham

Jason Lange of Chatham Financial discusses how he became a Chathamite and how he delivers excellence to clients on the Financial Institutions team. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Jason Lange: My name is Jason Lange and I’ve been at Chatham seven years and eleven months. I went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and I came out of there with a bachelors degree in material science and engineering. I was commissioned a second lieutenant in the army coming out of college where I’d spent almost eight years as an aviation officer. The leadership skills that I came away from the army with were absolutely critical to my own development and who I am and who I’ve become. I do rely on them in serving clients, figuring out what the best way is to solve a problem, how the best way is to communicate the solution to a client, and so my first opportunity coming out of the army then was with a industrial gas manufacturer, but I found myself gravitating towards the financial contracts that we worked under.

I was in the executive MBA program at the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania. The results of that was I was really then going to pursue an opportunity coming out of school that that would suit me. I came to Chatham based on one of my classmates in my MBA program worked at Chatham at the time and he suggested that I check out Chatham as part of my job hunting, and when I took his advice I came to realize this is a very special place, a place that I really wanted to be a part of. From the culture and the atmosphere, the work that’s being done here, it all clicked. Here at Chatham I work on the financial institutions team, AKA the bank team, and I’m in a client relationship manager role.

We help our clients manage interest rate risk at the bank itself, we also help them offer products to their own commercial borrowers to manage interest rate risk. I like the opportunity to work with clients who have a need for the products and services that we offer at Chatham. We aspire to be a partner to our clients, that’s our goal. We want to be able to be there to serve them with their hedging needs, with their ability to get their own clients, in terms of hedging products. I do enjoy bringing a team together, helping our clients understand what kind of portfolio transactions they’ve acquired.

We deal with financial contracts and trust is inherent and necessary to serve our clients. It’s something that we, here at Chatham we need to earn from our clients, and the way we earn it is in our advisory, in at all the different people that serve clients. The desire and the motivation to serve clients with excellence, it’s not something that I experienced in my other opportunities prior to coming to Chatham. Coming here it was different, it was a very collaborative environment, one in which I got to see first hand how people were able to serve clients and do so with excellence.

My name is Jason Lange and I am a Chathamite.

VIDEO: Minsoo, Quantitative Models: Life at Chatham

Minsoo of Chatham Financial explains how he became a Chathamite after working as an intern with the company. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Minsoo Jung: My name is Minsoo Jung and I’ve been with Chatham for about 3 1/2 years so far. I went to the Fletcher School. It’s a small international relations school based in Boston, and I studied international finance and development economics there. Before joining Chatham, and before grad school, I worked as a management consultant for a few years. Then, I lived in Ghana for a little less than a year volunteering at a local non-profit organization.

When I was in grad school, I was particularly interested in micro-finance and I was focusing my study on micro-finance. I reached out to an alumni from the Fletcher School and it led me to the internship position at Chatham.

I interned at the Emerging and Frontier Market Team. I did a little bit of macro-economic research, specifically the interest rate and foreign exchange rate outlook for some African and Latin American countries that are important to our clients. My internship at the Emerging and Frontier Market Team helped me develop quantitative and modeling skills that I use on a daily basis on my current job. An instance when I do analytics is to quantify the risk exposure our clients have in foreign exchange rate movement and interest rate movement, and try to come up with the best strategy to hedge those risks.

We were trying to suggest a new hedge accounting approach. When we demoed the model that I developed at the end of the prototyping phase, the client became really excited and said, “I can’t wait to have it implemented in Chatham direct.” We were really thrilled to see the client being really excited about what we are doing at Chatham.

I’m Minsoo and I’m a Chathamite.

VIDEO: Kevin, Tech: Life at Chatham

Kevin Buckley of Chatham Financial discusses how he became a Chathamite and how Chatham Financial is filled with great people. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Kevin Buckley: I’m Kevin Buckley, I’m part of our technology team. I’ve been at Chatham for 9 years. I was a computer science major in college and I became a developer right away. Interviewees will ask, what’s your favorite thing about Chatham, and it’s like there’s just so many things. The people are so passionate and just fun to be with, the problem set that we’re working on is so complicated. I feel empowered to make decisions on a day by day basis. If you’re solving a new problem and you don’t really feel you have the tools to solve it, that you can go find new tools that are out in the industry, kind of figure out what’s cutting edge, and use those tools to solve the problem. You really feel empowered when you’re here at Chatham.

We did a lot of brainstorming of what kind of changes do we want to bring to the technology team? Hack week was born out of that. What’s cool is how it’s evolved. It’s really become a full company innovation week where we have people from the deal team proposing ideas, people from technology proposing ideas, some projects kind of mesh those two idea together to kind of try to come up with something even better. Any type of language that you’re passionate about, you want to try, hack week is really the time to really try that out, see if it makes sense. You do a big presentation at the end where you show everyone across the whole department, so everybody kind of learns from everybody else. Some of our core technologies came from hack week, and some of our major products were really born out of hack week projects.

The two big things at Chatham that really get me most excited is the people I get to work with, just coming to the office everyone’s so fun to hang out with, everyone’s so fun to bounce ideas off of. I feel like we could be working with any problem, whether it be in finance or really any industry, this would be great group of people to be with to kind of solve those problems, so that’s really fun. The second thing is that the problems are always changing and Chatham’s technology landscape is pretty vast to where there’s a lot of web developing you need to do, there’s a lot of modeling, back-end modeling development we need to do, there’s whole DevOps infrastructure that we have in place. Wherever your kind of passion lies, Chatham is a place that really incorporates that and helps you pursue those passions. I’m Kevin Buckley, and I’m a Chathamite.

VIDEO: Internships at Chatham

Three interns describe how an internship at Chatham Financial works and how they are trusted to work on projects that directly affect the business and our clients.


Video Transcript:
Molly Atwater: I’m Molly Atwater and I go to the College of William and Mary. I’m an applied math major with a concentration in operations research.
Tim Ko: My name is Tim Ko and I go to the University of Michigan. I study industrial and operations engineering.
Karthik Chetty: My name is Karthik Chetty and I go to Amherst College. I am majoring in math and economics.
Molly Atwater: It feels more like a startup than it does like a normal financial industry.
Tim Ko: Everyone is so collaborative and everyone is willing to help you learn.
Karthik Chetty: Even if people are higher than you on the corporate ladder, per se, they’re still very willing to talk to you and explain things to you and they don’t think it’s a waste of their time.
Tim Ko: Coming into the internship, I didn’t have too many expectations other than just being able to learn a lot and absorb as much as I can.
Karthik Chetty: I came in wanting to learn more about the space, about the sector. I think that’s definitely something that has happened over the last few weeks and I definitely want it to continue.
Molly Atwater: It’s nice to see that you have an impact as an intern. Every morning, the bank team has to send out a single email to 50 different banks and it used to be a 20-minute process so I’ve basically turned it into clicking 3 buttons and it’s done in 3 minutes now.
Karthik Chetty: One of the clients wanted to have some analysis done and so I was helping people on the complex advisory team make a presentation and do some analysis for that so that was a cool way to get to learn more about currency hedging.
Tim Ko: I was involved in creating the offering memo, which is like one of the beginning stages, just getting involved in all the different parts of the project.
Molly Atwater: It’s really cool to see how the stuff that you’re working on, even as an intern, is going to help the entire team.
Tim Ko: I’ll be presenting in 2 weeks. Just starting to mold my presentation.
Karthik Chetty: For this presentation I’m working on next week, I needed to talk to a bunch of different people across the company to learn more about the types of things they do and about the topics that we’re going to cover.
Tim Ko: The presentation was last week. I think it went really well. Going in, I was pretty nervous. Preparing to speak in front of the company is obviously something that I’ve never done before.
Molly Atwater: Had a good turnout of people, got really good questions, got really good feedback.
Karthik Chetty: I think I did a great job of telling people what I worked on over the summer. I got to meet a lot of people. They’ve been great to get to know.
Molly Atwater: The Baggo tournament looked like a lot of fun.
Tim Ko: Baggo, it’s a big deal here at Chatham. There is 33 teams. We actually placed third and that was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.
Karthik Chetty: I’ve been to a couple company events. I actually went to one of the softball games, it was really fun.
Tim Ko: Being able to hang out with the other interns and not just work really shows the work-life balance that Chatham has here.
Karthik Chetty: Make the most of the time here.
Molly Atwater: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everybody wants to give it. You’re going to learn a heck of a lot more if you raise your hand and say, “How do you do this?”
Tim Ko: Just jump right in. Really just being able to engage with people on your team and the people in your sector because they’re all really approachable and willing to help out.
Karthik Chetty: It’s definitely a great opportunity. Definitely make the most of the time here.
Tim Ko: What I’m taking away from Chatham and my experience this summer was to be able to get out of my comfort zone and be able to engage myself in something that I might not have thought I had an interest in.
Karthik Chetty: If anything, it’s given me more questions as to all these different interesting things that I’ve been exposed to, what do I want to focus on in the future? That’s definitely a good problem to have.
Molly Atwater: I never thought that I would have this much responsibility, like I would be putting a sheet in a bank’s hands that they use to make real-life decisions.
Karthik Chetty: I think it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot, meet a lot of new people and really work in a very interesting space in the financial sector.


VIDEO: Chatham’s Advisory Boot Camp

New hires of Chatham Financial discuss how Chatham’s Advisory Boot Camp has help them set up for a successful transition from college to a career in financial services. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Narrator: Advisory boot camp is a training program designed for new client-facing employees at Chatham Financial. Attendees spent four weeks in full-time training before being deployed to respective teams. Boot camp covers a wide range of topics across the organization including Chatham’s purposes and values, bond math, derivative products and consulting practices. Boot campers spend their time in classroom sessions and on independent work like online courses, problem sets and case studies.

Garret Lee: My name is Garret Lee.

Heather Bothwell: My name is Heather Bothwell.

Greg Danchik: I’m Greg Danchik.

Garret Lee: Boot camp is a series of lessons that we are going to be having in the upcoming weeks to learn quite a bit about what Chatham is, the history behind the company and what we will each be doing within our role.

Heather Bothwell: I’m doing all this pre-work now learning all of the vocab, and I’m really excited for learning how will all of these terms and principles that I’m learning about apply to Chatham and how Chatham uses those in their day to day business.

Garret Lee: I’ll also just get a good understanding of what I’ll be doing and what Chatham does, so that I can really speak well to the clients that we have.

Heather Bothwell: By hearing from people all across Chatham, I’ll definitely figure out where all of the different things that I’m learning about fit into the company and why it’s all important.

Greg Danchik: Mark, on the first day, taught us what a derivative was. It was amazing.

Garret Lee: Every person I have come across has been very open and just wanting to help out.

Heather Bothwell: Being in a class together, the eight of us, was really a great experience. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten as much out of it even if I was just sitting in a classroom with one or two other people.

Garret Lee: The teacher has been very friendly and wanting to get to know us.

Heather Bothwell: Really just bouncing off of one another, our questions and what we had learned.

Garret Lee: There were several different people that helped me learn the Bloomberg models.

Greg Danchik: It was really cool to see everyone who is a leader on their team come in and be so passionate about what they’re doing.

Heather Bothwell: Boot camp has been awesome. I came here not really knowing what to expect. Day one, found out, a hundred hours of class time, 60 hours of week. I was like, what an I getting myself into?

Greg Danchik: It’s awesome how it all worked out.

Garret Lee: Above all else, I think I’ll take away the relationships that I’ve made here at the Kennett office.

Heather Bothwell: It has been just an absolutely amazing experience.

Greg Danchik: I’m excited to get rolling in the actual job.

Heather Bothwell: A lot of things that I’ve technically learned.

Greg Danchik: Being able to walk around the office here, people say things, and I’d be like, I have no idea what that means. Now I do. I get what people are saying.

Garret Lee: I definitely learned a lot this summer just about how to connect with people. As an analyst, I can’t even really put to words how much I’ve learned, boot strapping, interest rates and foreign exchange. We’ve really grown as a team here working together on all these projects.

Greg Danchik: In this four weeks you’re going to learn as much as you’ve learned in college about one specific thing. It is unbelievable how awesome it is.

Heather Bothwell: I want to thank everyone who participated in boot camp and then just thank Chatham as a whole for providing us with this opportunity and helping me be so happy at my first job. I can’t wait for what’s in store.


VIDEO: Paulina, Krakow EFM: Life at Chatham

Paulina Krol of Chatham Financial discusses how she became a Chathamite and all the opportunities to learn the business that exist at Chatham regardless of what office at which you’re based. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Paulina Krol: I came to Chatham three and a half years ago. I am based in Poland in our Krakow office. I heard of Chatham from a friend who had a friend working there. The name popped up and the question was, “What do they do?” The answer is, “Well, something with finance but you’ll like it.” Working in Krakow has been a great experience. The fact that you can really develop and grow and progress in your knowledge and your experience. Because it’s really hard to learn derivatives or anything derivative related in any of the Polish universities, I really appreciate the fact that Chatham is aware of that but still doesn’t give up on people who have never heard of derivatives before.

The fact the company teaches you everything from zero to wherever you’d like to be is a great chance to really grow and learn, things that probably only a few people in Poland know. I’m very happy that we were able to have the emerging and frontier markets brown bag lunch earlier today. It was great that so many people turned up and were interested in the topic. It was great to share what we do and really the passion that stands behind it. We enjoy what we do. We believe that we really add value to the clients of ours who often are not as sophisticated as some other bigger clients.

We really feel that the educating factor is an important one and just being able to share it with the company and especially that it’s part of the fourth purpose of Chatham as such. Yeah, it was great to have it here in Poland. I’m Paulina and I’m a Chathamite.