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Moritz Sterzinger

Hedging and Capital Markets

Private Equity | London


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About Moritz

Based in London, Moritz Sterzinger advises Chatham’s private equity, corporate, infrastructure, and real estate clients on predominantly interest rate and foreign exchange risk. He focuses on the DACH region, the Netherlands and the Nordics. Prior to joining Chatham Financial, Moritz was part of BNP Paribas’s debt capital markets financial institutions group in London, working on capital markets transactions for banks and insurance companies. Moritz holds a master’s degree in quantitative finance and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kiel University.


Market Update

What is Modern Monetary Theory?

With government debt levels reaching new highs relative to GDP, and deficits ballooning, now seems an appropriate time to examine Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). This piece aims to provide a high-level overview of MMT and discusses some of its claims.

Is foreign currency debt the right answer for FX hedging?

Using debt as a natural FX hedge by matching it to the company’s EBITDA currency split, is a commonly deployed solution in private equity. For example, a EUR-reporting business, generating half its EBITDA in EUR and half in USD, would draw debt in these same proportions.


  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Foreign Currency Risk Management

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