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Chris Moore

Managing Director
Hedging and Capital Markets

Real Estate | Kennett Square, PA


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About Chris

Chris Moore is a member of Chatham’s Real Estate team, leading one of the group’s hedge advisory, execution, and technology teams and managing comprehensive client relationships. Chris joined Chatham as a client consultant, working with privately held real estate investors to help them manage their interest rate and foreign currency risk. Prior to his work at Chatham, Chris was a Peace Corps volunteer, working with small business owners in a rural part of the Dominican Republic. Chris graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in economics.



“Springing” interest rate cap requirements in CRE loans

“Springing” interest rate caps are a type of loan requirement that requires a CRE borrower to purchase an interest rate cap post loan closing if (and only if) the base rate for a floating-rate loan (like SOFR) crosses a certain threshold (often called the “trigger”). This structure permits the...
Market Update

Cost of leverage in a volatile rate environment

Along with a backdrop of rising interest rates over the course of the year, rate volatility has increased substantially. Treasury yields and swap rates at both the short and long end of the curve have exhibited significant variance in relatively short time periods (including overnight) as a...

The intrinsic value of interest rate caps

The upfront costs of interest rate caps have increased significantly in the past six months as short-term rates have risen and expected payouts on these caps have increased in probability and amount. This piece analyzes how cap pricing in the USD interest rate market factors-in expected future...

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