Is your loan portfolio growth outpacing Excel?

Do you have real estate professionals spending too much time on debt administration, when they could be focusing on core business priorities?

Are you aspiring to be an institutional manager for your investors, mitigating risks inherent in your current debt portfolio?

Access advantage with Chatham Debt Management to manage all of your commercial real estate debt

Chatham Debt Management is the industry-leading, web-based solution created to organize, manage, and report on loan portfolios for real estate and infrastructure. More than just software, the power of Chatham’s solution is access to a team of specialists that onboards clients and provides ongoing service and support to you and your team.

Our debt and derivatives experts created this solution to meet the needs of both institutional real estate investors such as pension funds, REITs, and private equity fund managers, along with private real estate developers, syndicators, and operators that focus on specific property type and geographic regions. It scales to satisfy the needs of each client’s debt portfolio, providing access to technology and people to serve and support critical debt processes.

  • Faster access to the right information: Access and store all data in one, easy-to-search place. View loan information online in real time, and pull reports with powerful grouping and sorting functionality.
  • Never miss a key date: Eliminate event risks through automated alerts for key dates.
  • Error proof your data: Save time as we upload loan data to the platform for you. Run one true data source with permissioned access throughout your organization, removing version control risks and data entry errors.
  • Smooth transition from IBOR rates: Switch seamlessly to new replacement reference rates as our system adapts to calculate interest based on new indexes that include compounding in arrears.

The Chatham advantage

As your partner, Chatham provides access to the most powerful debt management platform backed by a team of commercial real estate experts.

Trusted: Our solution has been on the market since 2005 serving over 200 clients globally.

Independent: Employee-owned, Chatham partners with clients for their long-term success.

Secure: Our data integrity process ensures that client data security is paramount.

Innovative: Evolving technology in response to market trends and client feedback.

  • 44,000+ Loans
    Chatham Debt Management houses thousands of loans across secured and unsecured debt including all types of construction, bridge, and permanent loans.

  • 200+ Clients
    The flexibility of our system coupled with our expert team of debt specialists serve clients with CRE portfolios typically ranging from 25 to 500 loans.

  • $1.1T+ Loan principal
    Our scale gives us market-leading insights, which are passed on to our clients to help them make better decisions for their portfolio.

9 of the top 10 largest real estate investment managers use Chatham Debt Management*

Supporting you and your team

Chatham Debt Management is built for your entire team. No matter your role, you can rely on us to support you from implementation and training through to debt servicing and maintenance.

Capital Markets: You need access to information that enables decision making. Our solution provides advantage through transparency into timely data.

Accounting / Reporting: You need accurate results that integrate with your existing processes. Chatham’s customizable reports optimize your workflows.

Asset / Portfolio Management: You need ongoing support for you and your team, keeping you focused on your core business. A dedicated team of debt management experts are at your fingertips.

IT / Business Technology: You need your data to be secure, and you are not willing to compromise. With the most sophisticated controls, you can rely on Chatham.

*Source: IPE Real Assets Top 100 Real Estate Investment Managers 2019

To learn more about Chatham Financial’s Real Estate Debt Management System, please contact us today.