At-a-glance management to save time and costs

As a real estate investor, managing debt terms, payments, covenants and other details can quickly become a job that a spreadsheet alone can’t handle.

The Chatham Debt Management system helps clients ease the burdens of managing and reporting on their debt portfolio. This web-based system centralizes all debt information and performs tasks such as tracking covenants, building payment budgets, and managing critical event dates. The system serves to guide the workflow for debt management processes while organizing key documents.

The system also provides powerful reporting, such as scenario analysis under hypothetical future interest rate environments, portfolio-level weighted average rates and maturities, and linked hedge and debt instruments.

How Chatham provides management of client debt portfolios

Chatham’s Debt Management system for commercial real estate covers both day-to-day operations as well as major events, such as new debt placement and merger and acquisition activities.

Attention is given to initial system implementation and new loan entry from day one through maturity. Some features of the Debt Management system include:

  • Robust Reporting. Over 50 different computations for more than 100 data fields allow clients to create automated or ad hoc reports for internal management and investor filings.
  • Debt and Derivative Valuation. Built on Chatham’s interest rate model platform, the system provides mark-to-market debt and derivatives valuation.
  • Organization and Reminders. We build interest expense and principal payment schedules through maturity and set critical date reminders. In addition, there is access to an audit trail of communications surrounding the debt documentation. Everything is in one place and managed with custom user permissions.

How companies work with Chatham’s Debt Management application

The Debt Management system eases the burden of loan management while increasing the flexibility of getting multi-dimensional views on debt portfolios. With no software to install, this web-based system uses the number of loans as a basis for pricing discussions. From evaluation of fixed/floating interest rate exposure to yield maintenance and defeasance scenarios, clients can perform analysis using market-rate feeds. All these analyses can be discussed with Chatham’s capital market experts, achieving the perfect balance between technology and advisory.

To learn more about Chatham Financial’s Real Estate Debt Management System, please contact us today.