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Video | Make better, faster FX decisions


View this two-minute video and see how your treasury team can streamline data availability, improve data accuracy, and quickly get the answers you need to make the best decisions.

In today’s evolving economic landscape, your treasury teams need efficient, timely, and accurate insights into your foreign currency footprint around the world. As you seek to increase your strategic partnership across the business, you face three main challenges:

  • Data availability
  • Data accuracy
  • Data analysis

    ChathamDirect’s exposure management module enables your treasury team to confidently address these challenges. Developed through a practitioner lens, with an eye toward efficiency, ChathamDirect’s exposure management enables your treasury team to:

    Streamline data availability

    With ChathamDirect, you get real-time balance sheet exposure information automatically pulled in directly from your ERP platform, so you don’t need to waste time manipulating spreadsheets and risk making manual errors.

    Using ChathamDirect’s collaboration dashboard, your business units can directly input forecasted and actual exposures, improving communication between treasury and the business.

    Improve data accuracy

    ChathamDirect will flag percent variations in exposures to draw your team’s eyes toward the changing profiles of your business units around the world. Access to this information will improve your Treasury team’s partnership and understanding of the evolving needs of different business units.

    Automate data analysis

    ChathamDirect compares policy targets against exposures to automatically recommend trades that align with desired thresholds. Once aligned, the system highlights areas where your business is over- or under-hedged, and automatically recommends the trades required to keep your program in line with policy targets.

    With ChathamDirect, your treasury team can make better, data-driven decisions faster. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

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