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The top 5 benefits of ChathamDirect’s approach to support and client success


ChathamDirect’s unique approach to client support enhances the solutions our clients depend on and ensures you enjoy consistently satisfying experiences whenever you engage with us.

Purchasing treasury technology means entering a relationship with your technology partner’s support team. At Chatham, we serve as a key partner in the financial risk management and hedge accounting process by providing an unmatched product and support experience for our technology platform, ChathamDirect. Our support and client success team partners with you and enables your success by focusing on five key differentiators, which ensure you gain the maximum benefit from our product and enjoy a positive relationship that drives value to your organization.

1. Positively impacting our clients beyond day-to-day questions

With Chatham, you get a hands-on partner, not just a vendor. Our support and client success team operates as a resource for our technology platform, representing you throughout Chatham with an overall focus on your best long-term interests. To ensure you get the most out of ChathamDirect, we learn how your team applies our platform to your individual risk management and hedging programs. We work closely with your client relationship manager to understand your workflows and how you use ChathamDirect. As part of our subject matter expertise, we aim to answer all your questions and resolve issues quickly to your satisfaction. We focus on processes and initiatives that enable you to achieve the utmost success while partnering with Chatham. We meet regularly with internal teams to discuss processes that, while not visible to clients, directly affect your ongoing deliverables. This internal checks and controls workflow helps identify and mitigate potential issues during your critical processing periods. We know your month-ends and quarter-ends often require quick turnaround, so we set you up for success before you even login to ChathamDirect.

2. Expert knowledge of both our product and our clients

Working with your ChathamDirect support and client success team, you can access expert knowledge of both our product and your program. As a small team within ChathamDirect’s broad technology group, you can count on us for deep product knowledge and over 25 years of client-facing support and success experience. Instead of a 1-800 number that connects you with a random representative, this small team approach enables you to work directly with one or two dedicated individuals for product support, accessing direct phone numbers for your dedicated support team while backed by a central support email to ensure coverage, case tracking, and shared information. This lean, familiar structure is an essential part of developing positive relationships with our client base.

We take great pride in our product knowledge. When you reach out to our team, you get an expert right away—no need to escalate two or three times to different support tiers just to find someone who understands your question and can troubleshoot the issue. We continually strengthen our expertise in the product we represent and do not rely on knowledge base articles to answer your questions. If we cannot answer a question up front, we can access our tightly integrated technology group for internal support. We take these situations as learning opportunities to strengthen and expand our product knowledge, so the next time it comes up, we already know the answer. This structure and commitment to being experts sets us apart from large-scale service operations where representatives read from stale support articles instead of growing into product specialists.

We also share our expertise with you through our online support site and knowledge base. Accessible within the ChathamDirect platform, the site is designed to make it faster and easier for you to get answers to common questions and information about our system. Using an intuitive search function, you can get the help you need no matter where you are or what time it is. You can also browse and learn about specific topics of interest, advancing your knowledge about specific modules, functionality, or platform capabilities. We continuously update the site with new FAQs, how-to guides, and product documentation.

3. An organically collaborative team structure

The natural collaboration with our ChathamDirect product and implementation teams is a third unique benefit that promotes your success. We work side-by-side with our ChathamDirect partner teams as part of a collaborative process that maximizes success throughout the client life cycle. We lean on the product team to strengthen our own product knowledge so we can best serve our clients directly. We then help the product team disseminate that knowledge throughout Chatham. We rely on the implementations team to onboard clients and to educate us on each client’s ongoing process and use of ChathamDirect while we seek ways to help the implementations team incorporate new technology features into the client onboarding process. The result is an intertwined group of technology and client experts working towards the common goal of your success.

4. A direct and actionable feedback loop with our product team

Our close working relationship with the product team allows us to deliver your product feedback right to the people who drive the product roadmap and technology development. By understanding your programs and system use, we can have productive conversations and solicit actionable feedback. This close partnership with our product team allows us to funnel feedback directly to the development efforts. When you provide feedback on our product, it does not enter a black hole within a larger organization or get passed from team to team. Our team acts as the primary internal voice for our clients and our product team members subsequently make themselves available for client calls to interact with you directly. Thus, we surround you with multiple viewpoints to reach the best possible solution, which optimizes productivity and adds value to our partnership.

5. Focus on valuable client impact through new feature adoption

When our ChathamDirect team releases a new feature or an update to existing functionality, the support and client success team owns the product adoption process. Often this means setting up individual training sessions with your team to demonstrate the changes within ChathamDirect and how these changes will improve your experience. We want your team to continue your processes seamlessly and without skipping a beat. Whether as a customized release rollout to specific clients or a broad set of improvements for the entire base, our commitment to focusing on technology adoption enables your organization to maximize its ChathamDirect utilization.

At Chatham, we go beyond answering surface level support questions; we deliver long-term solutions. Sharing all relevant product knowledge with you empowers you to get the most out of your ChathamDirect subscription. Our team structure, feedback loop, and the focus on product adoption enable the entire ChathamDirect team to work efficiently across multiple channels towards the common goal of an ever-improving product and client experience. We believe that our model for ChathamDirect support and client success is built for the benefit and ongoing success of both Chatham and our clients.

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    ChathamDirect is a groundbreaking financial risk management and hedge accounting platform that supports foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodity hedging programs. ChathamDirect provides a clear view of your entire hedging program, including cash flow forecasts, balance sheet exposures, and hedge requests — all securely available on a leading SaaS platform. ChathamDirect is backed by Chatham Financial, an employee-owned, independent market leader with a global team of capital markets experts, risk management advisors, CPAs, lawyers, quantitative analysts, and technology developers who serve more than 3,000 clients annually.

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