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The purpose of this report is to present period over period changes in lending markets across key property types for use in marking debt to market for financial reporting. The Chatham fixed and floating indices for each property type represent how coupon rates and spreads have changed over time. For the third quarter of 2022, Chatham’s market rate conclusions for fixed-rate debt vary depending on the property type. For floating-rate debt, spread conclusions are up 15 bps, on average, for most assets. The main drivers of these changes are summarized below.

In June of 2022, Chatham set the fixed base rate for second-quarter debt valuations when the 10-day average of the 10-year Treasury was 3.10%. On September 26, Chatham set the base rate used in third quarter valuations with a 10-day average of the 10-year Treasury at 3.56%, representing a 46-bps increase in the base rate. For most collateral types, the movement in Treasury accounts for the entire increase in Chatham’s market rate conclusions for fixed-rate debt.

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