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ChathamDirect FX scenario tagging


ChathamDirect is excited to release enhancements to our FX Exposure Management modules. In both our Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Exposure Management modules, new fields now allow for scenario tagging capabilities, serving as a foundation for deeper analytics with great slicing and filtering to drive more meaningful decision-making.

Across both the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow modules, you can now tag your exposures with new fields including:

Exposure Load Name

Name your Exposure Loads for easier comparisons both inter-period and intra-period.

Forecast vs. Actual

Denote whether your exposures are a Forecast or an Actual exposure to explore the variance between the two. Drill in even further at the Legal Entity, Currency, or Exposure Type level.

Hedge Type

Easily filter out your non-hedged exposures with the new Hedge Type tags. Loading your non-hedged exposures allows you to analyze exposure history and identify trends over time, regardless of whether you are actively hedging the exposure.

Designation Type

Identify whether your exposures should be designated for hedge accounting with the Designation Type tags.

User Defined Fields

Use three new User Defined Fields to tag exposures with information that is custom to your organization.

In addition to the fields that are available in both the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow modules, we are also excited to introduce four fields that will be specific to the Balance Sheet module:

  • Posting Date
  • Effective Date
  • Effective Rate
  • Expected Settlement Date

With these new fields, clients managing a Balance Sheet hedging program can provide additional details on their exposures with increased downstream reporting capabilities.

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