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Interest rate risk management

Anticipate market moves, prepare for opportunity, go from data to decisions.

Exceptional insight gathered from our breadth of experience

  • Improve profitability. Minimize risk, manage volatility, and grow your bottom line.

  • Be prepared. Anticipate any interest rate environment.

  • Maximize efficiency. Get integrated trade execution, hedge accounting, and compliance.

  • Be confident. Know that you’re getting the best possible terms on your interest rate hedges.

  • 3,500+ clients worldwide
  • $1+ trillion notional hedged each year
  • 30,000+ annual transactions

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Forward curves represent the market's current expectations for future settings of an index rate. The forward curve will move, driven by unexpected occurrences in the market (rate hikes/cuts, financial crises, material economic data releases, and global events), especially at points farther along the curve. Access our proprietary forward curve data to project future interest rates and support your investment analysis.

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Interest Rate Risk Management

Learn how we can help you manage interest rate risk through hedging strategies.

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Discover how we effectively manage and mitigate financial risk with advisory, process, and technology.