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Derek DePolo

Corporates | Kennett Square, PA


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About Derek

Derek DePolo is a rotational analyst within the Global Corporates sector, assisting organizations with hedging strategies and risk management across the interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodities asset classes. Prior to Chatham, Derek graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Finance.


Market Update

FOMC “skips” a rate hike and predicts stronger growth

  • Fiscal & Monetary Policy
Last Wednesday, the FOMC released its decision to pause rate hikes. This comes after 10 consecutive rate hikes to get to the current target range of 5.00-5.25%. Since the start of this hawkish cycle, the Fed has struggled to put a dent in the will of the American consumer but will now pause in...
Market Update

U.S. credit default swaps hit highs as Tax Day passes

  • Fiscal & Monetary Policy
Tax collections could cause Janet Yellen to give a sooner-than-expected X-date, causing volatility in the T-bill market. China's GDP comes in higher than expected and European inflation remains high.
Market Update

Hot inflation and strong economic data add turbulence to Fed’s fight

  • Fiscal & Monetary Policy
In a short week, FOMC minutes were released detailing the pace of rate hikes to combat inflation. New economic data maintained the strong labor market view and tenacious inflation data indicated the Fed’s fight could be prolonged. The war in Ukraine has led to a battle over oil supply; natural...


  • Corporates
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Foreign Currency Risk Management
  • Commodity Risk Management

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