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Video | Dynamic, automated business intelligence reporting


These days, it’s not enough for your treasury team to design an effective risk management program. You’re also expected to explain your strategy and hedging results to stakeholders across the company. ChathamDirect’s Business Intelligence module delivers dynamic, automated reporting on the topics most important to treasury stakeholders.

ChathamDirect’s Business Intelligence module delivers dynamic, automated reporting on key topics, including:

  • Exposure forecasts
  • Program effectiveness
  • Advanced analytics

Practitioners and stakeholders alike need insight into exposure and hedge positions over time. With ChathamDirect, you can view everything from your counterparty share-of-wallet to your specific exposures at individual subsidiaries — all with dynamic reports that automatically refresh.

With FX hedging, even the best programs face unexpected results. With ChathamDirect’s advanced analytics, you can easily explain past results and adjust accordingly.

  • For cash flow hedges, analyze your historical and future FX outcomes in both un-hedged and hedged scenarios. Drill into data to understand the potential impact on your organization’s margin under various circumstances.
  • For balance sheet hedges, quantify expected FX gain/loss using automated reports, which calculate the impact of forward points, as well as other potential mismatches.

With ChathamDirect’s advanced analytics, you can better understand your hedging costs, and quantify the historical cost of hedging for a given trade population, or estimate forward point costs for trades not yet executed. Our Business Intelligence reporting enables your treasury team to make better, data-driven decisions, faster.

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