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ISDA advisory and negotiation

Maximizing impact with minimal cost

Overcoming barriers and inefficiency

ISDA agreements are complex, and most businesses don’t negotiate them enough to become experts. If you have negotiated an ISDA, you know that it can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It also involves facing a dealer bank that has a specialized legal team, so it’s important to have expert representation behind you as well. Your partner should know fair market terms and understand the mechanics and logistics of your hedging program. These mechanics dictate which terms will be most important to you and will have the greatest impact on your hedging program and the broader financial concerns of your organization.

Why work with Chatham?

Chatham leads the industry in breadth of buy-side ISDA negotiation, annually reviewing thousands of regulatory agreements across over than 100 dealer counterparties and reporting over 20,000 transactions to the trade repository DTCC. We transact over $4 billion notional each day, giving us a unique perspective on market terms. We provide:

  • Review and negotiation for a flat fee.
  • Market experience working efficiently with a variety of in-house and outside counsel.
  • Quick turnaround of deliverables.
  • Unparalleled insight into how ISDA provisions interact with changes in capital structure, credit utilization, trade strategies, and accounting.

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    Chatham Hedging Advisors, LLC (CHA) is a subsidiary of Chatham Financial Corp. and provides hedge advisory, accounting and execution services related to swap transactions in the United States. CHA is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a commodity trading advisor and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA); however, neither the CFTC nor the NFA have passed upon the merits of participating in any advisory services offered by CHA. For further information, please visit