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Case Study

Hedge accounting advisory leads to a technology solution


A $4B packaged foods company lost a key employee who was instrumental in operating the company’s spreadsheet-based commodity risk management and hedge accounting program.

Company goals

  • Immediately fill the gap left by the employee so the company can continue to report on time, both internally and for public filings.
  • Replace manual spreadsheets and processes with an automated technology solution.
  • Retain accounting advisory services to maintain continuity and mitigate key-person risk.

Key activities

  • Operated spreadsheet model to limit key-person risk: Chatham subject-matter experts learned and operated a complex hedge accounting spreadsheet model prior to the technology implementation.
  • Increased earnings protection: Chatham introduced new hedging strategies available under the current accounting standards while realigning existing programs.
  • Streamlined program with automation: Chatham implemented the client portfolio on the ChathamDirect platform, enabling the new hedging strategies and streamlining hedge accounting journal entries, effectiveness testing, and disclosure reporting.
  • Technology relationship created scale while retaining trusted advisors: Chatham continued serving as on-call advisors to support existing programs and new strategies while the client operated ChathamDirect in-house to streamline the month-end process.


  • Minimized key-person risk and maintained operational continuity.
  • Enabled new strategies and maximized program effectiveness.
  • Streamlined the month-end process, improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Achieved optimal use of in-house resources.

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