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Case Study

Commodity hedge accounting under new GAAP

A global manufacturing company wanted to expand their commodity hedging program to take advantage of the updated hedge accounting guidance while fully understanding the impact on their existing program.

Company goals

  • Understand the full impact of the new guidance on hedge accounting treatment of commodities.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and designation strategies to apply hedge accounting to a broader set of commodities.
  • Transition existing hedging activities to the new guidance while beginning to expand into additional commodities.

Key activities

  • Reviewed 250 contracts of aluminum and copper to identify contractually specified exposure.
  • Tested correlation of the indices identified in contracts and measured effectiveness against existing hedging approach through regression analysis.
  • Established a program with optimal exposure windows, regression methodology, designation grouping, and corresponding hedge designation memos.


  • Achieved a best-in-class commodity hedge accounting program for aluminum and copper exposures.
  • Optimized indices for accounting treatment and risk mitigation.
  • Ability to take advantage of the benefits and strategies available through the updated hedge accounting guidance.

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