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ChathamDirect February product update

February 11, 2021


To deliver on the advantages clients gain from our seamless integration of advisory, operations, and technology, the ChathamDirect team continually enhances our platform, streamlining the way users manage their exposures, hedging policies, execution, valuations, and hedge accounting.

Cash flow updates

ChathamDirect has added new functionality to its cash flow exposure management module to support unique and nuanced hedging policies. Users can now create new (and multiple) detailed hedging policies based on specific currencies, forecast length, and hedge percentages by period. This allows you to set custom hedge targets by currency to reflect confidence in the forecasted exposures and to align with more granular policies. Additionally, you can now customize the timeframe during which ChathamDirect provides offsetting hedge suggestions to anywhere between 0 and 30 days.

Enhanced Management Reporting (BI)

We continue to enhance our business intelligence offering within ChathamDirect. This includes a complete picture of your FX portfolio, allowing you to see your portfolio overlaid with FX spot and forward curves, as well as the market volatility and correlation between indexes. Other updates include the ability to see your cash flow and balance sheet exposures over time so that you can understand why forecasts are moving and analyze exposure forecasts versus actuals.

FX Cash Flow Forecast Accuracy

Clients can sign up now to access enhanced management reports within ChathamDirect and gain access to dynamic reporting of your program. Reach out to your Relationship Manager or ChathamDirect Support representative.

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SOFR Readiness: Robust Forward Curve, SOFR discounting, and so much more

ChathamDirect is the leading SaaS derivatives platform for comprehensive SOFR readiness including a robust SOFR forward curve, SOFR discounting for LIBOR trades, and support for the observation periods. ChathamDirect incorporates guidance on valuation methodology and industry practice to determine the current appropriate methodologies and builds in flexibility to enable change as the markets evolve. With ChathamDirect, you can value SOFR swaps and options, load the trades, and automate the hedge accounting. The most robust available, Chatham’s SOFR curve is continually monitored and based on the most accurate and rigorous model approaches and structures in the market today and going forward. This flexibly designed foundation responds nimbly to market changes and offers observation-shift functionality, enabling users to look back in advance of scheduled payments, so you can reliably calculate payment amounts in advance of the payment dates. ChathamDirect is regularly used to confirm hedge payment amounts prior to exchanging funds with counterparties. We are the independent, relied upon system for SOFR, Ameribor, SONIA and all your derivative needs.

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Looking ahead

We continually engage with you to learn your strategic objectives and day-to-day processes so we can focus our development efforts on the highest potential impact. That means you will continue to see enhanced functionality, tighter integration, and improved performance across our platform. Currently, we are developing new interest rate swap-loading functionality, which will enable you to load your own interest rate swaps directly within ChathamDirect and apply inception accounting during the trade-creation process. We are also improving the user experience for back-to-back trades and enhancing trade-matching functionality.

Transform treasury with automation and insight

Whether fueled by the need for actionable data, the mandate to leverage a lean workforce, or the realities of a sudden work-from-home environment, the steady movement toward treasury automation accelerated significantly in 2020. We saw clients integrate and automate their financial risk management programs from gathering exposures through hedge accounting, streamlining FX balance sheet, FX cash flow, interest rate hedging, commodity hedging, and hedge accounting programs. ChathamDirect can help your treasury team streamline workflows, strategically employing technology, and utilizing enhanced management reporting to improve controls, lower costs, and enable data-driven decision making.

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About ChathamDirect

ChathamDirect is a groundbreaking financial risk management and hedge accounting platform that supports foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodity hedging programs. ChathamDirect provides a clear view of your entire hedging program, including cash flow forecasts, balance sheet exposures, and hedge requests — all securely available on a leading SaaS platform. ChathamDirect is backed by Chatham Financial, an employee-owned, independent market leader with a global team of capital markets experts, risk management advisors, CPAs, lawyers, quantitative analysts, and technology developers who serve more than 3,000 clients annually.

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