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3 key benefits to managing your hedging program without spreadsheets

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    Yinan Yu

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Treasury organizations can replace manual data manipulation and significantly increase efficiencies through system integrations, which have become drastically easier and more cost-efficient with the advent of APIs and the refinement of SFTP connections.

When we speak to treasury professionals across different industries and functions, one of the key challenges they continually mention is the time and effort required to manage voluminous spreadsheets.

Many organizations depend on manual spreadsheets to:

  • Gather exposure data
  • Transfer data between trade portals and treasury management systems
  • Report hedging results to ERP systems

These back-office activities are manual, time consuming, and extremely prone to error.

Business forecasts and exposures consistently change, and the ability to access exposure information quickly and provide accurate, complete financial results for the hedging programs without extensive manual intervention has grown critically important to treasury organizations.

Fortunately, your organization can achieve significant increases in efficiencies through system integrations. Connecting systems has become drastically easier and much more cost-efficient with the advent of APIs and the refinement of SFTP connections, allowing treasury professionals to rely on systems to replace manual data manipulation.

Benefit 1: Simplified exposure gathering

For exposure gathering purposes, the integration of ERP systems and treasury platforms allows your treasury team to gather and consolidate balance sheet and cash flow exposures from ERPs at the local business level and streamline decentralized data gathering through system integrations. The automatic feed of exposure data from ERP systems enables your organization to make appropriate hedging decisions aligned with your risk management objectives.

Benefit 2: Automated reporting

For reporting purposes, the integration of treasury platforms and ERP systems removes the need to synthesize and format accounting results in order to provide hedging results for business units with different charts of accounts and ERP systems. The automatic feed of financial results ensures the complete and accurate distribution of accounting data across the organization.

Benefit 3: Elevated strategic role

With automatic connections between ERPs, trade portals, and treasury management platforms, you can finally get relief from managing spreadsheets for data accuracy and completeness. This elevates your team to a more strategic role where you can serve as better business partners across the organization, providing valuable insights to management for critical decision-making.

Making informed decisions

Overhauling your processes and selecting the right technology to automate them requires time and resources, but the benefits can transform your treasury organization for years to come. A streamlined process from exposure gathering through reporting gives your team better insight and more time to engage in value-added analytics. As you work to assess your current operations and determine a course of action, access to expertise and technology is essential. As the world’s largest and most experienced independent financial risk management advisor and technology provider, Chatham Financial can empower your team to make informed decisions that achieve your objectives.

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  • Yinan Yu

    Managing Director
    Accounting Advisory

    Private Equity | Kennett Square, PA


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