Regulatory Compliance

Derivatives regulatory reforms, under Dodd-Frank for the U.S. and EMIR for Europe, have transformed the landscape of the OTC derivatives market. Chatham Financial has brought its 20-plus years of experience advising end users in the over-the-counter derivatives market to the global policy debate on financial regulatory reform.

Experienced leadership: Our consultants have testified before the U.S. Congress and conducted educational briefings for Members of Congress and their staff. We’ve met with and written over 500 pages of comment letters to regulators in both the US and the EU, and been featured on panels of public roundtables hosted by the CFTC and SEC.

We are also frequently quoted by news organizations in articles and opinion pieces which have appeared in numerous major publications. No other advisor to end users offers this powerful combination of market know-how and deep understanding of derivatives regulations.

Trusted resource: Clients have turned to Chatham for independent advice on the use of derivatives for hedging purposes for over two decades. Now this advice extends to regulatory matters. Since global policy debate on derivatives regulatory reform began, Chatham has become the go-to resource for unparalleled expertise on the impact of new derivatives regulations on end-user hedging activities.

Given our years of experience serving clients in the areas of hedge advisory, hedge accounting (ASC 815/IAS 39), transaction execution, documentation negotiation, and debt and derivatives valuations (ASC 820), we understand all aspects of hedging. That makes us uniquely well-positioned to advise our clients on the new regulatory requirements, operational challenges, and emerging best practices.

New solutions for a new market: In response to the sea change in the global derivatives market, Chatham has developed new solutions designed to reduce the compliance burden for end users. From supporting clients with third party reporting and portfolio reconciliation under EMIR to advising board members on their obligations under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act, Chatham is ensuring that our clients meet their regulatory obligations and compliance requirements with ease and confidence.