Chatham Financial Offers Enhanced Defeasance Solutions

With an unprecedented number of CMBS loans maturing in less than two years, new online defeasance calculator provides commercial real estate owners a high level of functionality in initial evaluation of defeasance options

July 7, 2015 (Kennett Square, PA, USA) – Chatham Financial, an independent full-service advisory and technology solutions provider, has unveiled an enhanced suite of defeasance services to correspond with a time of dramatically increased defeasance activity. With over 22,000 securitized loans coming due between now and December 2017, Chatham Financial’s professionals are well positioned to provide clients with holistic solutions to their specific transaction needs.

An accessible example of Chatham Financial’s defeasance capabilities is its updated defeasance calculator, which offers an easy-to-read cost estimate report and now encapsulates cost sensitivity to Treasury yield movement and the exclusive ability to forecast Treasury yields. “Utilizing this calculator is an excellent first step for a real estate professional who is contemplating a strategic transaction that will involve a defeasance and highlights the value of being selective when it comes to your defeasance advisor,” said Tanner Robb, Defeasance Team Lead.

In addition to the calculator enhancements, Chatham Financial continues to expand its defeasance capabilities by growing its team of real estate capital markets experts. Chatham Financial’s defeasance group is one of the industry’s largest dedicated teams and is housed within a full-service financial risk management advisory firm that has the capability to optimally guide clients through the entire capital transaction.

Chatham Financial structured the first CMBS defeasance in 2000 and since then has executed thousands of defeasances totaling in excess of $28 billion (including the largest ever defeasance at $1.4 billion). The company has structured defeasances of all sizes, from the largest, most complex multi-note transactions to small balance, single asset loans. “We are extremely proud of our history of innovation and client-centric advice, including pioneering the transparent return of the defeasance’s residual value to the client at maturity. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with high-touch, value-added counsel and unparalleled execution that enables them to alleviate their defeasance related challenges so that they can focus on running their businesses,” added Matt Henry, Managing Director, Global Real Estate.

About Chatham Financial

Chatham Financial is a full-service financial risk management advisory services and technology solutions firm, serving clients in the areas of interest rate, foreign currency and commodity hedging, hedge accounting, regulatory compliance, defeasance, and debt and derivatives valuations. Founded in 1991, Chatham serves over 1,600 companies annually, bringing deep derivatives expertise, services and technology solutions to our clients through a global team of risk management professionals, CPAs, analysts and technology developers.

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